How to Make a Woman Want You in Bed

how to make a woman want you in bedHas your lover got progressively less interested in sex as your relationship’s developed?

This, I’ve found, is a surprisingly common pattern among men in long-term relationships.

If you want to learn how to make a woman want you in bed again then read on.

There can be a number of reasons for this happening, but let me tell you a big one right now – if your lover isn’t begging you for sex then chances are you’re using the wrong approach to arouse her.

Listen, it’s a common problem.

I actually believe there’s something in our genetic wiring that causes us guys to make this mistake, because it’s so common to see guys in long-term relationships sexually frustrated.

Here’s what’s going on – if right now you’re not getting as much sex as you want it’s because you’re using the wrong approach to sex.

Think about it…

make a woman come hardRemember all those special tricks and methods you used to use to get your lover horny and in bed?  You know, at the start of the relationship when it seemed so easy?

Well let me tell you something…

Those same tricks and methods become ineffective in a long-term relationship.

How’s that for something to mess with your head?

The very things that used to work to arouse your partner stop working.

So here’s the deal – if you want to get your long-term lover sexually aroused and begging for sex again you need to employ a different strategy.

Stop doing what you’ve always done for turning her on… It’s obviously not working or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

If you take one thing away from today’s newsletter it’s to try new strategies for arousing your lover.

Your relationship has grown, you’re now different people, with different lifestyles (probably) so it’s going to take a different approach.

It’s going to mean interacting with her differently, approaching the subject differently, being physical with her differently.

Look, I think you understand what I’m getting at.

Well, relationship expert Michael Fiore has created an amazing video outlining exactly what to do to arouse sexual interest in a long-term partner.

Even if right now she seems totally disinterested in sex and it feels like there’s nothing you could do to turn the situation around.

I’ve said enough.

If you want more sex from your lover then watch this

What To Do To Make Your Wife Or Girlfriend Want Sex

Learn them today!


P.S. Getting more sex and more passion in your relationship is about strategy.

It’s about doing the specific things necessary to make it happen.

It’s not about your lover not wanting it or not being that kind of person – It’s about knowing how to activate that desire in your partner.

Discover how to make a woman want you in bed here:

Trigger Lust In Your Lover (VIDEO)