Make your girlfriend want you more sexually

make your girlfriend want you more sexuallyI’m writing today to say thank you to everyone who filled out the survey I sent out last week.

I really appreciate your feedback and I’ll be making some changes in what I write about based on what you told me.

I also figured you may be interested in hearing what your fellow subscribers told me through the survey so here we go…

The first question was about what method you like to get your advice through…

Of all the options the most popular by far were ebooks, audio, video and webinars.

The second question was about what topics you’d like to discover more of…

Pretty much everyone was interested in discovering more ways to give women pleasure and there were quite a few guys interested in lasting longer, getting and staying hard,getting their partner to try new things and getting their partner to want more sex or as it was written – ‘ how to make your girlfriend want you more sexually’.

Finally the question of annual income…

The distribution here was just like the income of the general population – so pretty much what you probably expected there.

The Quest – Make Your Girlfriend Want You More Sexually

Now, one of things that was more popular than I expected was guys asking ‘how to make your girlfriend want you more sexually’.

I guess when you think about it, it’s not that surprising because what guy wouldn’t want more sex…

So what I want to do is give you a really brief, but highly effective tip to help make your girlfriend want you more sexually.

My tip is this…

To make your girlfriend want you more sexually, start foreplay early.

Start foreplay hours and hours in advance of when you actually plan to have sex.

If your partner isn’t absolutely loving sex at the moment then it’s not enough to just turn up when you want to do it and expect to be able to turn her on and get her ready
for you.

Instead get strategic…

Start by sending her messages during the day implanting thoughts about something to look forward to in the evening.

Make her feel sexy before the idea of sex even comes up.

Plan your entire evening and how everything will happen well in advance.

Be ready for possible distractions or events that may disrupt your plans.

Prepare for every possible scenario.

And have a plan of action so that you can seamlessly take her from being totally cold and not even thinking about sex to being desperate for you to initiate it.

That might seem like a simple little tip but there’s a lot to what I just shared.

If you plan wisely, make your lover feel sexy and get her engaged and excited about the idea of sex way before you even get to the bedroom you can turn even the coldest of partners into a passionate lover.

There’s obviously a lot more to this and there are some very advanced strategies you can employ which after using you’ll feel like the lover you’re with is a totally different person because of her intense sexual desire.

If you’d like to discover what these advanced strategies are then check out this video of mine…

Make Your Girlfriend want You More Sexually



PS – If right now your lover isn’t interested in sex then don’t worry. This situation happens to a lot of guys and it’s not your fault.

All you need to do is begin doing the few simple things necessary to flip her arousal switches to make your girlfriend want you more sexually.

Discover what those arousal switches are here…

Make Your Girlfriend Want You More Sexually