Make yourself last longer in bed? Here’s how …

Not being able to last long in bed sucks – here’s how to fix it

how to make yourself last longer in bedI know, because for a long time I could last only a few seconds before orgasming. It got to the point where I started fearing sex. I was embarrassed to see the look on my lover’s face after it happened. The fact that I couldn’t satisfy my lover sexually felt devastating.
But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I strongly believe that any man has the potential to last long in bed.

When you do begin to last long in bed you can give your lover more satisfaction. You can give her multiple orgasms. Her overall appreciation for sex makes her want more of it than ever before.

So how do you make this shift

How do you go from lasting a very short time to a much longer time in bed?

Well you’ve got to realize why PE happens and address it.

And take note of that comment, because orgasming more quickly than you’d like during sex happens for a reason.

And more often than not, the biggest cause of premature ejaculation in men is performance anxiety.

In fact, multiple research papers are now identifying the link between performance anxiety and PE.

And the reason for this link is that when you experience anxiety certain hormones get released into the blood that encourage early orgasm.

How to eliminate anxiety

Saving you all the technical details, what this means is that if you want to learn how to make yourself last longer in bed, you need to eliminate any anxiety you normally have before and during sex.

And the new method for lasting long in bed that I’ve just created does exactly that. It helps you destroy anxiety and install rock star confidence.

And as a result you last a whole lot longer in bed, giving you the ability to make your lover orgasm over and over again.

Now, if you’d like to discover exactly how this new method works to eliminate sexual anxiety and how to make yourself last longer in bed, then check out the video below.

Remember, if right now you’re not lasting as long as you’d like to in bed there’s a reason for it.

And it’s not anything to do with your genes, physical sensitivity or what your lover does in bed.

It’s something internal over which you have complete control if you know how to take that control.

Discover exactly how to make yourself last longer in bed and take control of your stamina with this breakthrough new approach below.

Discover the new approach for lasting over 30 minutes in bed and giving women intense multiple orgasms.

PS –  PE is naturally curable although it can take a little time and practice to get a handle on it. If you need a quick fix some then grab some cheap Priligy PE treatment – but don’t stop with re-training in your mind and body to learn how to make yourself last longer in bed permanently :).