Mindset to last longer in bed

Avoid PE by changing your mindset to last longer

mindset to last longer in bedWhen you adopt the right mindset to last longer in bed you will be back in control. How you think during sex is both the cause and cure of PE.

First, let me give you the background so this will make sense.

What is the mindset that can cause PE in the first place?

One of the biggest causes of PE or early orgasm is fear.

Fear of a bad performance or fear that you’ll orgasm early causes you to experience angst, worry and nervousness.

Now multiple scientific studies show that the emotions of fear, worry, stress, etc. cause early orgasm.

In other words, by experiencing anxiety during sex you actually increase your chances of orgasming sooner than you’d like to.

And people often get stuck in a vicious circle because of this.

Let me explain:

Say a guy has a bad experience in bed. Say he orgasms early and he feels incredibly embarrassed.

Then the next time he has sex he begins to think about that time he orgasmed early and begins to worry that it might happen again.

Well that process of worrying actually increases the chances that it will happen again.

Therefore, it probably will and therefore he’ll have even more to worry about the next time he has sex, which in turn, yet again makes him orgasm earlier. A vicious cycle is created.

It’s easy to dismiss “mindset” stuff as not as important or effective as some other techniques to last longer in bed. But ignoring the mindset element of lasting long in bed is a mistake.

Because it could be that just what you think about during sex is causing you to orgasm more quickly than you’d like to.

Using the right mindset to last longer in bed

How do you fix this?

Well, quite simply you need to change your mindset, or more specifically you need to change what you think about during sex.

Now what’s interesting about the human psychology is that you can’t just “not think about stuff”.

If I ask you to not think about a pink elephant, what’s the first thing you think about?

A pink elephant, right?

So the way to stop thinking about stuff is actually to think about other stuff.

You have to replace bad habitual thinking with good habitual thinking.

So, what can you think about during sex that will actually empower you to last longer?

Think about the pleasure you’re giving her.

Instead of worrying about your performance, what she’s thinking of you or whether you meet a certain expectation.

Think about what you can do to give her the absolute most amount of pleasure possible.

Think about nothing but all the different things you can do to bring her to orgasm and have her experience the sex of her life.

That’s a whole different focus to “what will she think if I orgasm early”, isn’t it?

And because it’s so radically different, that’s why it’ll have a huge impact on your emotions.

When you focus on giving to her rather than an evaluation of your performance you’ll no longer feel nervous and instead you’ll feel empowered.

And because you don’t feel nervous, which is an emotion found to increase the chances of experiencing P.E., you’ll last a whole lot longer.

Change your thinking and change your stamina.

Sounds too good to be true, but it really is amazing what the human mind can empower you to do.

Advanced mindset and other ways to last longer in bed

Now, to discover more mindset techniques as well as other physical techniques for lasting longer in bed, check out this video below.

Discover specific techniques for developing a mindset that helps you naturally last long in bed, as well as other physical techniques.

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