Satisfy a Woman Sexually – Techniques

How to satisfy a woman sexually

satisfy a woman sexuallyIf you want to know how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed then you should know about the technique called “Dual Stimulation”.

By its name you may have guessed what it involves ;).

It involves stimulating two of your lover’s pleasure points at the same time and is a sure way to satisfy women in bed.

When done correctly this can be an very powerful approach to giving women exceptional sexual pleasure and getting her to crave having sex with you.

But there are right and wrong ways to satisfy a woman sexually and go about doing it and it isn’t quite as simple as it initially sounds.

So let’s discuss the finer points on how to satisfy a woman sexually …

Firstly, let’s talk about which stimulation points to pleasure.

This technique works best when you stimulate the most pleasurable points on a woman, so here I’m talking about the nipples, clitoris, G-Spot, vagina and anus.

Now this approach can also work when you include things like the lips, butt, neck, pulling hair on the back of her head and so on, but you definitely want to be stimulating at least one of the most pleasurable points if not two of them.

OK, so once you’ve picked two points to pleasure it’s important to bear the following in mind…

To satisfy a woman sexually – take dual stimulation easy …

Don’t rush into it…

When you’re dealing with two highly stimulating points on a woman you don’t want to overload her with pleasure and you don’t want to lose out on the benefits of anticipation by going straight for full on stimulation of two points.

So build up to it.

Start by stimulating one point lightly, build up that stimulation gradually, and then introduce stimulation to the second point and then build up stimulation to that second point gradually.

This way you’ll be slowly building and building her sexual pleasure, until eventually you’re stimulating two points at full intensity, at which time she won’t be able to stop herself from orgasming. And when that happens youll know you know how to satisfy a woman sexually.

Let me give you a quick example of how two of these points can be stimulated simultaneously…

In certain sex positions, such as the Reverse Cowgirl, where the woman “rides” the man, facing away from him, it’s possible for the man to reach around her and stimulate her clitoris with his fingers.

This is a great example of dual stimulation, because with this approach he can stimulate her vagina through sex and her clitoris with his fingers… therefore stimulating two highly sensitive areas. (But be gentle, the clitoris is a very sensitive point and if you want to know how to satisfy a woman sexually you’ll have to go easy here.)

See, you don’t need to over-think this concept to use it, you just need to try it out.

Different women will respond better to some combinations than others, so go ahead and start trying out dual stimulation – and keep the comunication open so you can fond out exactly what she likes and become a master at how to satisfy a woman sexually.

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Phil (Herup)

PS – Sometimes just one little change to the way you have sex can make all the difference in how much pleasure your lover experiences and therefore in how much she loves having sex.

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