Sex positions to last longer in bed

Last longer in bed with these sex positons

last longer in bed with these sex positionsTheses sex positions to last longer in bed have a measurable impact on your overall stamina.

Now I will qualify this by saying that sex positions alone aren’t the only factor that determine how long you last in bed…

With the right techniques you can last as long as you want in bed in any sex position.

However, it is useful to be aware how different positions influence your stamina. If for example you realize that you’re nearing orgasm earlier than you’d like to be, switching to a position that helps you last longer can be a very useful tool to have in your toolbox of techniques.

(That whole toolbox thing sounded really cliché but I’m going to run with it anyway)

OK, so what are some sex positions to last longer in bed you can use tonight.

Here’s one type of position that works really well:

You standing up.

Any position that involves you standing up will generally help you to last longer in bed.

In this case it doesn’t necessary matter what your lover is doing.

She could be sat on a desk, she could be standing upright with you, she could be facing away, she could be in the doggy position on the bed, it doesn’t really matter.

What’s important is that you’re standing.

And here’s why – When you stand upright your body has more to focus on than just the physical pleasure going on in the genital area.

It has to worry about things like balance, positioning and keeping you standing.

All this takes energy and focus.

It takes having to divert physical energy to your leg muscles to keep you balanced and it takes psychological focus from your brain to keep you from falling over.

Now all this might sound trivial but these factors make a big difference in terms of stamina.

See, when you’re lying down, such as in the missionary position (where the woman lies on her back facing you and you enter her between her legs facing her) your body doesn’t have to do much of anything except experience the pleasure going on in the genital area.

As a result orgasm happens quickly and easily.

But if there are other parts of you requiring energy and focus then suddenly you’ll be able to last longer, becomes your body becomes “distracted” by them.

Proof is in the pudding

Give it a try and you’ll be able to tell the difference.

And like I alluded to earlier, I suggest you use this approach strategically.

If you notice yourself close to orgasm in a different position, then switch to standing up. You’ll quickly be able to recover your stamina.

Now if you want to take it to the next level I recommend you carry your partner.

This will obviously require a certain strength and weight combination for the both of you. If possible this can help you last even longer. Carrying your partner during sex requires even more energy and focus to be transferred from the genital area.

Anyway, give everything I’ve just shared with you a try and let me know how it works out.

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