How to Stay Hard for a Long Time

Stay hard for a long time with these tricks

stay hard for a long timeI get guys asking me all the time about why they can’t get hard and how to stay hard for a long time in bed.

And I think the main reason some men don’t know how to stay hard longer is because they’re secretly intimidated by their lovers.

Now that might sound like a strange thing to say so let me explain what I’m talking about it.

You have to remember that getting hard is largely a psychological process.

Without your brain first sending the message to your body telling it to get hard the physical event can’t happen.

Therefore it’s key to first focus on the psychological side of the process.

And that’s what I’m talking about here.

Most guys who can’t get hard find their lovers secretly intimidating

They fear what will happen if they fail to get hard.  Perhaps they fear their partner will judge their performance negatively. Or they worry about their lover staying unsatisfied. They anticipate something going wrong.

So while they may not be afraid of their lovers themselves, they are afraid of what their lover may think.  Or how it may make them look if they fail to perform well in bed.

And it’s this fear that kills your ability to get hard.

When you experience fear in your mind it interrupts your brain’s communication mechanism to your genitals.

When you experience anxiety, worry or nervousness during sex your brain sends mixed communications to the body stopping it from being able to get fully hard.

Stop worrying, feeling anxious, getting nervous, thinking about how you’ll be judged on your performance.

Adopt a mindset like that of James Bond

Approach sex with the belief that you were going to be incredible. Anticipated giving her an unforgettable time in bed.

Expect yourself to deeply satisfy her. How would thinking that way make you feel?

Well, if you really felt it authentically and congruently and weren’t just faking it, you’d feel completely different.

You would feel different. Consider for a moment the impact this would have on your brain’s communication with your body.

If you were feeling confident, empowered and like James Bond there would be no mixed communication within your body.

If you felt attracted and aroused there would be only one clear signal leaving your brain… And that is how to stay hard for a long time.

Approaching sex with this different mindset and not being intimidated by your lover you can easily get and stay fully hard.

Don’t over-think this, just start using this new mindset from now on.

Advanced techniques to stay hard for a long time

And if you’d like to discover more on exactly how to make a mindset shift like this, as well as other techniques for gaining control over getting and staying hard, then watch the video.

How does it feel to know that by making a few simple changes you could gain full control over your ability to get and stay hard?

It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

You can grab some cheap delay ejaculation pills like Priligy for now. But for long term success discover the exact step-by-step method to gaining complete control over getting hard below.

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