how to stay hard longer during intercourse

Ways to Stay Hard Longer during Intercourse

how to stay hard longer during intercourseI’m going to talk about something very few men understand – which is how to stay hard longer during intercourse.

I’m going to talk about the mechanics of getting hard and staying hard – as long as you need to 😉 .

Now don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a boring biology lesson. I’m going to break down the process by which men get hard (and why some men fail to get hard) into simple and practical terms so you can quickly take control of getting hard yourself.

Steps to getting hard

  1. External trigger (seeing a sexy woman or being physically stimulated)
  2. Mind processes event
  3. Chemical messages sent from brain into blood stream (known as hormones)
  4. Genitals receive hormones and begin storing blood to get hard

Now that wasn’t too painful a biology lesson, was it?

With all this in mind, if you struggle to get and stay hard, this is probably what’s happening:

Something is going wrong in stage #2 (how you process your stimulation), therefore in stage #3 you’re brain isn’t sending the correct hormones into the body.

Now here’s the big takeaway: Your thoughts can directly impact the hormones your brain
releases into the body.

how to stay hard longer during sexThink about this: Have you ever experienced adrenaline flooding your body – you know, when you suddenly start to sweat, become more aware and more physically tense?

Of course you have. Well, adrenaline is a type of hormone. What triggers the release of adrenaline?

When you begin to think about things that make you anxious, nervous, big events, secrets you’ve been keeping, intimidating situations and so on.

See it’s not the actual situations that make your body to release adrenaline. It’s when and how you think about certain situations.

Well the same is true for how to stay hard longer during intercourse. If you think about sexual situations in a certain way you’ll get and stay 100% rock-hard, with ease.

Thinking different

However, think about them in a different way. You’ll instantly kill any hardness you’ve achieved up until that point.

This is because different thoughts trigger the release of different hormones and therefore determine whether we get or stay hard.

Hey, we’ve all experienced it before. We’re rock hard and ready to go and then suddenly a thought of doubt, embarrassment, fear or anticipated failure creeps into our mind and suddenly we lose all of our hardness.

Well we need to learn to control these type of thoughts if we want to get and stay rock hard.

And the first step is being conscious of what’s going on.

With what I’ve shared with you today you’re a step ahead of the game.

If you notice your mind playing tricks on you during sex. Or if you begin to visualize yourself failing or worrying about things going wrong, take a moment to realize what’s going on and stop yourself.

Next, take back control. Instead, focus on what arouses you – like the features of your lover you find sexy.

Doing this will then change the hormones being released into the body, and as a result, you’ll be able to get and stay hard.

Now, I’ve really only scratched the surface here. There’s a lot more to controlling your thoughts, hormones and getting and staying rock-hard.

To discover more advanced techniques for controlling your ability to get hard, watch the video.

Gaining control over getting and staying hard is not, as you’re hopefully realizing, about pumps, gadgets, age or what your lover does. It’s about understanding what triggers hardness naturally and taking control of those triggers.

Discover how to do it below:

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