How to stay hard without coming using science

Stay hard without coming? Here’s how

How to stay hard without comingHow to stay hard without coming? At its core, it is science. It’s about creating theories and testing them with empirical (real world) evidence.

You try something out, see what the results are and draw conclusions from there.

Now here’s an interesting question:

How many men struggling to gain control over getting hard employ a scientific approach when it comes to fixing that problem? My bet is very few.

First, get rid or your lame excuses

Most men who can’t get hard either assume that it’s a special medical condition they’ve got, it’s the result of some event that happened in their past or it’s because of deficiency of a special blue pill.

But how many go out and assume that it’s actually themselves that have been stopping them from getting hard?

See, it’s easy to blame a medical condition, or some trauma that happened or anything else external. But what takes balls is to accept that it could be you that’s been holding you back.

Fortunately when you do accept this things will quickly become a lot easier for you. It’s like looking into the eye of the tiger. It’s scary to do, but when you do it suddenly you feel strong.

Think of the cliché expression the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Well this applies here. Assume that it’s you who’s in control of your ability to get hard. While it may be scary at first, it’s actually the best thing you could do. Once you do that’s when you can begin using a scientific approach to fixing it.

Second, take responsibility for yourself

If you assume responsibility for figuring out how to get and stay hard then that means you’re actually going to have to go out and start trying stuff.

It means trying different techniques, different approaches, researching, studying what works and putting into action all these different things. And then observe the results.

See what takes you closer to your goals and do more of that.

If something doesn’t work then scrap it. If something looks promising then do more of it and explore it further. This is all common sense stuff but few men do it. And few men do it because most are afraid to accept responsibility.

“Well it happens to me because my ex did this and that”,

“It happens to me because I’m this age”,

“But it happens to me because I’ve got this medical condition”

and so on…

Now I’m not saying any of those things aren’t true, maybe all those things are true for you, but that shouldn’t stop from taking responsibility for your results.

When you take responsibility for your results and you assume you can make it happen you’ll have a new-found sense of confidence and you’ll start to figure out steps to take that seem so obvious but for whatever reason before you took responsibility you never realized you could perform those steps.

Science is on your side

This is where it all comes back to science. Solve this challenge scientifically. Come up with a hypothesis (a theory of what might work) and then test.

If I do “X” action then does that help me to get and stay hard? If yes do more of it and no drop it and try a different theory. Now the way to fast-track this process is of course to study what is already proven to work.

I’ve created a method for helping men quickly gain control over their ability to get and stay hard and you can find out all about it in the video below.

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Sometimes what it takes to solve a problem like getting and staying hard is just one tiny little distinction to push you over the edge and finally realize what’s necessary to make it happen.

If right now you’re struggling to get and stay hard and you feel like you’ve tried a lot to solve the problem and nothing is working it could be that you’re just one distinction away from a breakthrough.

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