Stimulate a woman’s g-spot

Stimulate a woman’s g-spot sex position

stimulate a woman's g-spotI want to share with you a very powerful sex position.

What makes this position so great is a number of things…

For starters it helps naturally stimulate a woman’s G-Spot, so every time you thrust you are not only stimulating her vagina, but her G-Spot as well.

Secondly it’s great visually… As the guy you get to see a lot in this position, making it very interesting, for you and for her.

And finally it’s just good fun – it’s different to a lot of positions out there, it’s definitely not boring, but at the same time it’s not so advanced that you need to be a gymnast or yoga expert to pull it off.

OK, so I’m now going to attempt my best to describe this method to stimulate a woman’s g-spot verbally because, unlike in many of my programs, I don’t have a graphic here for you.

So the first step is for you, the guy, to lie on a bed facing upwards and lift your torso up with the support of your hands behind you so that your torso is about 45 degrees from lying down flat.

Then, have your partner straddle you starting from a squat position. Once in the squat position have her lean back and support herself on her hands, much like you are already.

Then, once she’s fully supported have her lift her legs off the floor and eventually rest them on or just beside your shoulders.

And now you’re in position.

As you may have been able to tell, with this position her hips get rotated at a very special angle to your manhood so that a lot of pressure gets put on her G-Spot.

So… with every thrust and movement you get to stimulate her G-Spot.

This position also works great because both of your have a lot of control, so you can easily manoeuvre and make small adjustments to ensure her sexual pleasure.

And there you have it – agrerat way to stimulate a woman’s G-Spot and get her addicted sexually to you 😀 .

This is a very interesting and effective sex position so give it a try next time you have sex and let me know how it goes.

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PS – When you start doing enough of the right things in bed, that’s when sex with you becomes physically addictive to her.

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