Best Method For Lasting Longer in Bed

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best method for lasting longer in bedWant to discover the best methods for lasting longer in bed?

OK, so today I want to share a particular best method for lasting longer in bed.

An effective way to last longer in bed is:

Slow, progressive entry

To understand how this works you need to understand something about male orgasms…

Premature orgasms normally happen when we as men are over-stimulated.

See, we can all enjoy long lasting love-making with healthy amounts of stimulation, but when that stimulation is too intense, that is when we go into early climax.

And most men unknowingly over-stimulate themselves at the beginning of love-making, and here’s how –

Intercourse in itself is already an incredibly stimulating experience…

The feeling of being inside a woman can be overwhelmingly pleasurable and highly stimulating.

Then, what most guys do on top of that is they immediately begin thrusting with intensity.

This hard thrusting combined with the unique sensation of being inside of a woman is what causes many guys to experience over-stimulation.

If you want to last long in bed – you want to avoid this

And you can do that simply by taking your time at the beginning of love-making.

See, after a few minutes of being inside of a woman your body actually adjusts to the stimulation… In other words it gets used to it and the sense of overwhelming pleasure actually subsides slightly.

Only then is when I would recommend intense and fast thrusting, because at this point the pleasure will be controllable.

But do it too early and the intense pleasure of being inside of her, combined with intense thrusting will send you into overdrive.
priligy onlineSo quite simply, here’s what to do…

Take your time at the start of love-making.

Enter only a small amount and thrust only a small amount and do so slowly.

Take it very easy.

You’ll probably find this frustrating and you’ll have to resist the urge to go all in – but you must resist this.

She may even want you to go further too – but again, you must resist this.

You must wait, perhaps even several minutes, for your body to adjust to the sensation before you can thrust with greater intensity.

It’s a challenge, but it’s well worth completing.

And there you have it. A powerful technique and the best method for lasting longer in bed.

If you’d like to discover more techniques then watch thes video.

You could be just one technique away from having all the stamina you’ve wanted.

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