Make a woman come every time

How to make a woman come fast and often

make a woman comeTo make a woman come fast, often and hard is not that difficult once you know her triggers.

Check out this message below. I received it from someone who took action on a recent post of mine about the soft touch technique.

(The technique involves you very lightly running your finger tips all over your lover’s body)

Hey Phil, I actually performed this technique perfectly yesterday.

The girl had said she wasn’t ready for sex so I thought, no big deal, I can wait.

We were laying there watching tv and I started doing this technique on her arms and stomach, not crossing any boundaries. I also started kissing her neck and nibbling her ear.

This went on for about 30 min and I thought she was just watching tv while I was enjoying touching her.

She suddenly flipped around (we had been in the spooning position on the couch) and grabbed my crotch and said, lets go.

She ran to her bedroom and somehow her pants were on the ground halfway between the couch and the room.

When I got there she was still clothed and she pulled my cock out of my pants and put it in her.

Neither of us had time to take clothes off, and I didn’t even have time to get hard.

Needless to say, it didn’t matter. I had sex with a softie and she still came 5 times in a matter of minutes, all while I was flaccid.

I do have trouble getting an erection so maybe next time ill be prepared haha.

I’ve never had a girl so desperate for it that we couldn’t even take clothes off.

Now there are a number of important lessons here on how to make a woman come fast and hard.  Here they are:


The guy who wrote in (who requested to remain anonymous) was prepared to take his time.

He didn’t give the technique one or two minutes and then give up on it when there was no visible response.


He kept on going and trusted that it would work.

Enjoying making her feel great

It wasn’t all about him.

When she said she didn’t want sex he didn’t get frustrated, give up, beg or complain. He just thought ‘no big deal, I can wait’.  Then he proceeded to enjoy pleasuring her and making her feel great.

He kept on implementing the soft touch technique because he enjoyed the process of making her feel great.

A strategy, which, in the long-run almost always pays very well.

You don’t know what she’s thinking

“This went on for about 30 min and I thought she was just watching tv while I was enjoying touching her”

From the outside it seemed like nothing was happening and the technique wasn’t doing anything.

Besides the lessons already covered this also shows that you don’t know what your lover is thinking.

What was probably happening in this woman’s head was she was slowly getting more and more aroused. She would have been thinking more and more about sex. She would have been getting more and more horny and wet.

But she didn’t give any of this away from the outside.

If he’d of stopped pleasuring her with the technique she probably would have not said anything and let her arousal subside. But because he kept on going he grew it to a level where she could no longer control her desire. She had to act on it.

An important lesson.

Fast implementation

This guy took the information he read about and acted on it quickly.

If he hadn’t he may not have gotten any awesome sex that day.

To make a woman come – have the right information

He got his amazing results because he implemented good information.

As you’ve no doubt found there is a lot of information out there that isn’t quality information. Even if you implement it well, it still doesn’t produce good results.

Working with poor quality information is a waste of time.

To make a woman come, stick with what works. What has been proven to work, not only by the person you get the information from but by others as well.

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The story I shared earlier is not an uncommon experience for guys who get how to make a woman aroused.

There are countless men out there who have to fight off their lovers because they’re so desperate for sex.

If you’re not getting the same results then you must simply not be using the right approaches and techniques.

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Get More Sex & Passion In Your Relationship

How to get more sex

get more sexWomen are different. We all know that. But as guys, we often forget it when it comes to getting more sex. Knowing how to motivate our partners to be more passionate and more interested in sex is essential.

The most common mistake I see guys making when they want to get get more sex the fail to get their lover to want more sex with energy or passion.

We use approaches to making a woman horny on that would work for us, rather than what works for women.

Let me explain.

To turn a guy on, all you really need is an explicit image or a grope from a woman.

Women, however, are different.

Try and use that approach on a woman when she’s not in the mood. You’ll fail miserably.

We intuitively know that women work differently. But we forget that when we go about trying to motivate our partners sexually.

We’ll grope or touch her and then suddenly expect her to be interested sexually. But women just don’t work this way. Women, especially those in a relationship, appreciate emotional stimulation as much as the physical stimulation.

In fact, without the emotional stimulation, the physical stimulation won’t take you very far at all.

How to get more sex with emotional stimulus

If you want to get more sex and passionate in your relationship. And you want it fast. You need to figure out a way to stimulate her emotions.

And if your relationship is in a bit of rut, where the passion’s waning and everything is becoming very routine, then you need to do something big. You need to do something huge that will interrupt the current pattern you’ve got in your relationship.

So what I recommend you do is something extraordinary. Treat your lover in a way you’ve never treated her before.

Now this could mean many different things depending on the type of relationship that you have, but here’s an example to give you an idea of the kind of thing I’m talking about.

Perhaps you could do an hour’s research into how to give quality and enjoyable massages.

And you could research it very well.

You could learn some stimulation patterns, you could learn certain movements that work very well. You could learn how to identify knotted muscles and how to undo them, and so forth.

Then you could get some quality massage oil and you could tell your partner that you’ve got a surprise for her planned for a special evening.

Tell her to keep the entire evening free.

If you have kids or any kind of regular commitments make sure they’re taken care of so they won’t interrupt.

Then, you could give her the best massage she’s ever had in her life.

After that, if you’ve set the mood right leading into sex will be very easy. (I recommend using candles and romantic soothing music in the background while massaging.)

Now, like I said, this is just an example, for your particular relationship there may be a different approach that will work very well, but the general philosophy is this…

Do something extraordinary.

Do something that she wouldn’t expect you to do.

And if you’re in a long-term relationship where you’ve noticed the passion waning slightly or you just want to have more sex.

Then doing something like this has the effect of radically breaking the current pattern in your relationship and re-awaking the passion, so that from then on it’ll be much easier to activate that passion again.

Advanced ‘get more sex’ techniques

Now what I’ve covered today is really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of methods to turn a dull or passion-less partner into a sex-crazy passionate lover.

No matter how cold or disinterested your partner seems, with the right techniques and approaches, you can get almost any woman to want and love sex.

The fact is that women are naturally wired to love sex.

All you need to do is use the right triggers for activating that desire.

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Make Her Orgasm with this one technique

How to make her orgasm every night again and again

make her orgasm I was thinking what would really cool technique I could share with you to make her orgasm intensely when you have sex.

And while thinking, suddenly, out of nowhere popped into my head a very powerful technique that I haven’t thought of or used in years.

However, I do remember very well that when I or others have used it it drives women wild.

What I’m talking about here is a very particular sexual thrusting technique. It not just gives them great orgasm but its effects can be long lasting. It is a great technique to use if you want to make women horny and want sex more often.

It’s not something I personally invented. I think it was originally developed from a tantric method. But like I said I came across this technique a while ago so I can’t remember all the background.

What I can tell you is that this technique will make a woman squirm and spasm with pleasure.

OK, so what the heck am I talking about?

I call this technique the 10 by 10 technique and it works as follows…

Look at this whole approach as involving 100 thrusts in total, broken down into 10 sets of 10.

The goal of this technique is to get her to crave and appreciate the deep thrust.

Tease and Anticipation

viagra for womenIf you’ve been following what I teach for a while you’ll know that one of the things that drives a woman wild in bed is anticipation.

Most guys give a woman everything they could anticipate too soon.

They rush through foreplay too quickly, grab her breasts too early and begin thrusting too deep too fast.

Not making her wait for anything takes away the all the excitement for a woman, which is one of the key ingredients to giving a woman an intense orgasm.

The Technique

So this technique has the process of anticipation built in to it.

Here’s how it work.

Soon after beginning sex and before you’ve thrusted into your partner with full depth.

In the first set of 10 thrusts you need to thrust 9 times at a very shallow depth and then finish with 1 deep thrust.

Then in the second set of 10 thrusts you need to thrust 8 times at a very shallow depth and then finish with 2 deep thrusts.

In the third set you thrust 7 times shallow and then 3 times deep.

And so on, increasing the number of deep thrusts by one and decreasing the number of shallow thrusts by one until you complete a total of 10 sets, wherein the final set you
complete 10 deep thrusts.

Do this and you’ll drive your lover crazy in bed. Let’s examine quickly why this happens.

For her, it’s unpredictable

Sure, because you know what’s going on, it may seem obvious. But to her it’s unlikely she’ll be able to spot the pattern and anticipate when the next deep thrust is coming.

Therefore she’ll constantly be anticipating it, but not always getting it, which makes for a very addictive experience.

It makes her value the deep thrust

If you give a woman deep thrusting straight away it’s definitely pleasurable. But if you make her wait and work for it, it increases the satisfaction when it finally happens 10 fold.

This technique does it automatically and therefore drives her wild.

There’s a feeling of build up.

Since the number of deep thrusts you give her increases over time it creates a sense of build up to some kind of climax.

By the point that you’re thrusting deep 10 times in a row so much tension and anticipation will have built up. The climax of full thrusting becomes a gigantic pleasurable release of pressure. The result is a virtually instant orgasm.

Try this technique out and let me know how it goes.

Imagine if you had an arsenal of techniques, just like the one I shared with you, at your disposal during sex.

How much better of a lover do you think that would make you?

Well, I can tell you one thing, it would almost definitely stand you head and shoulders above every other man your lover may have slept with before you.

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Best way to make a woman come fast

How to make a woman come fast (and furious)

how to make a woman come fastIf you want to know how to make a woman come fast and hard read every word of this post.

To start, here is an interesting trait of the human psychology. It’s something we ALL have.

It’s the “But I’m Different” or “That Could Never Be Me” belief.

Whenever we humans see someone achieving an incredible result that we would like to experience we often say, “I’ll never be able to do that, because …

We see the awesome result and instantly we come up with reasons why we can’t achieve that.

We’ll actually look for reasons as to why we can’t achieve the same.

So we’ll do things like ask ourselves what’s different about the person that achieved it.

Things like:

  • How’s their background different?
  • What opportunities have they had that we didn’t?
  • How are they naturally more talented?
  • What luck did they have to achieve it?

And so we’ll develop a list of reasons that we then use as excuses for why we can’t achieve the same.

And if anyone (including ourselves) ever challenges us to achieve the same, all we need to do is pull out our list of excuses to justify not trying.

Now I’m obviously not pointing fingers here.

I’ve done this more times than I can count and I believe this is a trait of just about every human.

What if you could achieve the things you’ve always wanted?

What if with the right approach you could implement change to start living the life you’ve always wanted?

Here’s what’s interesting – if you take some time to study anyone who’s achieved something great (like making a woman come fast consistently).

And I mean really study, like read their autobiographies, not just their Wikipedia page.

You’ll find that they’re just as human as you are. They may:

  • have countless faults.
  • envy others.
  • doubt themselves.
  • have challenges in their relationships.
  • have money problems.
  • And so on and so on . . .

Name a problem and there will be a successful person who’s experienced it.

All this can be hard to believe when we’re raised in a society of celebrity worship and we’re trained to automatically assume that people who achieve great things are somehow genetically different from us, but this just isn’t true.

And when you begin to realize that people who achieve great things have just as many problems and challenges as everyone else.

Something interesting happens.

You start to say to yourself – “You know, I bet I could do that”.

And often that is all that makes the difference between those who achieve great things and those who don’t – belief.

So if you want to be “that guy” a woman loves to have sex with…

Then you need to believe that you can be and start doing the necessary things to make it happen.

Forget all the stories you told yourself as to why it can’t happen for you.

Be that person.

Decide to be that person.

Study what it takes to be that person.

And if you commit and stick with it and never give up.It will happen.

The “how to make her come fast and hard” video

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Once you let go of your story as to why you can’t do something you’ll be amazed at just how much becomes possible for you.

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Female Viagra? Can it help?

woan sex pillNow there is a little pink pill for the ladies. It’s Female Viagra.

It allows greater blood flow to the genital area.

Greater blood flow means greater sexual arousal.

Greater sensitivity.

More capacity to come faster and harder.

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