Make a woman come every time

How to make a woman come fast and often

make a woman comeTo make a woman come fast, often and hard is not that difficult once you know her triggers.

Check out this message below. I received it from someone who took action on a recent post of mine about the soft touch technique.

(The technique involves you very lightly running your finger tips all over your lover’s body)

Hey Phil, I actually performed this technique perfectly yesterday.

The girl had said she wasn’t ready for sex so I thought, no big deal, I can wait.

We were laying there watching tv and I started doing this technique on her arms and stomach, not crossing any boundaries. I also started kissing her neck and nibbling her ear.

This went on for about 30 min and I thought she was just watching tv while I was enjoying touching her.

She suddenly flipped around (we had been in the spooning position on the couch) and grabbed my crotch and said, lets go.

She ran to her bedroom and somehow her pants were on the ground halfway between the couch and the room.

When I got there she was still clothed and she pulled my cock out of my pants and put it in her.

Neither of us had time to take clothes off, and I didn’t even have time to get hard.

Needless to say, it didn’t matter. I had sex with a softie and she still came 5 times in a matter of minutes, all while I was flaccid.

I do have trouble getting an erection so maybe next time ill be prepared haha.

I’ve never had a girl so desperate for it that we couldn’t even take clothes off.

Now there are a number of important lessons here on how to make a woman come fast and hard.  Here they are:


The guy who wrote in (who requested to remain anonymous) was prepared to take his time.

He didn’t give the technique one or two minutes and then give up on it when there was no visible response.


He kept on going and trusted that it would work.

Enjoying making her feel great

It wasn’t all about him.

When she said she didn’t want sex he didn’t get frustrated, give up, beg or complain. He just thought ‘no big deal, I can wait’.  Then he proceeded to enjoy pleasuring her and making her feel great.

He kept on implementing the soft touch technique because he enjoyed the process of making her feel great.

A strategy, which, in the long-run almost always pays very well.

You don’t know what she’s thinking

“This went on for about 30 min and I thought she was just watching tv while I was enjoying touching her”

From the outside it seemed like nothing was happening and the technique wasn’t doing anything.

Besides the lessons already covered this also shows that you don’t know what your lover is thinking.

What was probably happening in this woman’s head was she was slowly getting more and more aroused. She would have been thinking more and more about sex. She would have been getting more and more horny and wet.

But she didn’t give any of this away from the outside.

If he’d of stopped pleasuring her with the technique she probably would have not said anything and let her arousal subside. But because he kept on going he grew it to a level where she could no longer control her desire. She had to act on it.

An important lesson.

Fast implementation

This guy took the information he read about and acted on it quickly.

If he hadn’t he may not have gotten any awesome sex that day.

To make a woman come – have the right information

He got his amazing results because he implemented good information.

As you’ve no doubt found there is a lot of information out there that isn’t quality information. Even if you implement it well, it still doesn’t produce good results.

Working with poor quality information is a waste of time.

To make a woman come, stick with what works. What has been proven to work, not only by the person you get the information from but by others as well.

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The story I shared earlier is not an uncommon experience for guys who get how to make a woman aroused.

There are countless men out there who have to fight off their lovers because they’re so desperate for sex.

If you’re not getting the same results then you must simply not be using the right approaches and techniques.

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