Get hard on demand

How to get hard on demand when you need to

get hard on demandI want to share 1 surprising little trick you can use to help you get hard on demand and stay hard during sex… so you can give your lover a lot more sexual satisfaction.

Let me give you background to help explain this trick…

The reason why so men struggle to get hard is not because of a physical condition or because of deficiency of a certain blue pill…

The reason is because of poor mental focus.

The importance of mental focus

Most men don’t control what they focus on during sex and here’s why this is so important…

What you focus on directly impacts how hard you get and stay.

Think about this:

You don’t walk around all day with a hard-on do you?

But I bet there have been times in the last 3 months when you have got fully hard.

So the question is, what is the difference between the times when you are not hard and the times when you are hard?

Almost always the answer leads back to mental focus, and let me explain why.

While physical touch can also be a strong trigger, without proper mental focus physical touch won’t be enough.

In order for you to get hard you have to have certain thoughts in your head.

In other words, getting hard is an effect, it’s a result.

Erection causes and triggers

And this effect or result has its own causes or triggers.

If you want to be able to get hard on demand and stay hard whenever you want, you need to figure out your causes or triggers. Then begin using them whenever you want to get hard.

And most of the time these triggers are related to mental focus.

So, what do I mean by mental focus?

Mental focus is simply what you think about.

ED99For example, thinking about car mechanics or complex math problems will likely (for most guys) have a very different impact than thinking about a sexy woman.

Now that’s an obvious point, but this is important, because it leads on to the following…

During sex what do most guys who struggle to get and stay hard focus on?

While you might be tempted to say that they focus on their sexual attraction to their lover, what most men who struggle to get hard on demand actually focus on is something completely different…

Men who can’t get and stay hard tend to focus on how they’re going to fail. Or on their inability to get it up. Sometimes on how they will be judged by their partners. Or their frustration at not getting hard. Or the fear of losing or not being able to regain full hardness.

Isn’t that an interesting focus?

Now as I write about it I’m shining a light on thought patterns most guys don’t even realize they have.

And as you read that description you may have thought how irrational it is to think this way… but for most guys who can’t get hard, this is exactly what happens in their subconscious mind before and during sex…

It’s only when you become conscious of thought patterns like this that you can begin to change them.

Flip your own triggers to get hard and stay hard

Change your mental focus during sex from these weak thought patterns that will obviously inhibit your ability to get hard – to thought patterns that will make it easy to get hard like thinking about the parts of your lover that you find most sexually attractive.

Make your sexual attraction a key focus rather than negative outcomes and you’ll find getting hard a lot easier.

And if you’d like to take this to the next level and discover advanced techniques for shifting your mental focus as well as other methods to get hard on demand and stay hard, then watch the video.

You are more in control of your ability to get hard than you’ve probably ever realized.

Discover how to take that control and get and stay hard throughout sex

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