How to Get Hard and Stay Hard without Pills

If you want to stay hard without pills …

stay hard without pillsIf you’ve ever struggled to get hard or stay hard without pills you’ve probably been pretty damn frustrated.

Nothing can be worse than wanting to have sex, being ready for sex, having a partner that’s ready for sex – and then failing to be able to get hard enough to enjoy it!

Not only does it suck for you, but it sucks for your partner as well.

No woman enjoys the process when their man can’t get it up. If it’s an ongoing thing or even something that happens just more than once it’s going to start causing issues and serious dissatisfaction.

So with that said, how do you turn this situation around? How to stay hard without pills that temporarily fix PE and ED?

Take the ED test

Remember, if you have the physical capability to get hard, but you just fail to do so in the bedroom then you shouldn’t need any medication.

Let me explain what I mean

If in the last 6 months you’ve got hard 100% naturally, whether it be while watching porn, masturbating or even while you were sleeping or first thing in the morning – then that means you have the physical capability to get hard.

What’s stopping you in the bedroom then isn’t a lack of medication. It means you’ve got some kind of block.

Now it could be a physical block or a psychological block, but in either case you’ve proven that you have the ability to get hard, you’re just not tapping into that potential at the right time.

So how do you turn this around?

Well here’s one really powerful strategy.

Anticipate the positive.

Instead of thinking about all the things that could go wrong, think about all the things that could go right.

Normally most of us don’t bother to control or even direct our thoughts.  We just assume that they’re natural and happen without our control.

This isn’t true.

We can easily control what we think about as soon as we become conscious of what we’re thinking and just decide to think about something else.

So from now on commit to anticipate positive results during sex and your confidence will sky-rocket – along with your ability to get and stay hard.

Now I’ve really only scratched the surface here of techniques for getting and staying hard 100% naturally.

To learn more, check out the free video here:

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How to get hard in bed without trying too hard

Techniques to get hard without trying too hard.

Your woman knows the difference – the difference between a 75% and a 110% hard-on.

Now you can discover how to get 110% hard without drugs

Don’t settle for a slow decline in the quality of your sexual performance.

Too many men see a gradual decrease in their ability to get hard and last long in bed, and they let it happen because they assume it’s just a natural part of aging.

But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to be like the millions of men who accept a sex life that deteriorates over time.

Choose to go against the grain and the join the small minority of men who still have extraordinary sex and give their women heart-pounding multiple orgasms well into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond.

You make the rules of your sex life. You determine your results. And you don’t need to buy into the same limiting beliefs every one else does.

So, how do you break the mould?

Well, not by doing what everyone else does. You’ve got to use a different approach. You’ve got to say to “no” to the obvious, traditional solutions and blaze your own trail.

Now, of course you can figure this all out by yourself, but if you’d like a short-cut to gaining the sexual performance of an adult movie star at any age, then go watch the following video:

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Many men are now using this as their personal alternative to the “blue pill” – because it’s super effective but without all the cost and bother.

Get hard and stay hard with the blood pump technique

Another method is the “blood pump” method, because what you’re doing is helping your body to engorge your member with as much blood as possible.

…It’s like opening the flood gates and letting your capillaries load up with an endless supply of thick fresh blood to create a pulsating hard-on like few men get to experience (and that women love).

The Hoover Dam has an active capacity of 19.554 km3. That’s a lot of freakin’ water being held back. But for too many men their bodies are acting like their own Hoover Dam’s to their manhoods.

They have a huge supply of blood to use and help achieve thick full pulsating hard-ons – but that supply is held back. Their own body stops them from it being put to use. Think about it.

Your body is filled with way more blood than your member could ever need to achieve the biggest and most uncomfortably firm hard-on you’ve ever had.

But does your reality reflect that? If you’re reading this, probably not. And that’s because most men don’t know how to unleash their full potential. They unknowingly stop their own hard-ons from happening.

And then end up beating themselves up and resorting to the use of dangerous E.D. drugs, when they’re totally unnecessary.

Look, it doesn’t have to be this way. Discover how to naturally tap into your huge reservoir and achieve thick and full hard-ons like you haven’t done in years.

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Understanding ED to overcome it and get hard when you need to

This is one of the user stories coming in from this exciting ED solution. It’s all natural, drug-free and the results men are reporting are extraordinary.

ED is not a disease. ED is a symptom.

It’s a symptom of deeper problems within the mind and body.

Therefore I always encourage men to stay away from dangerous medications before they’ve tried natural solutions. Especially when men are reporting results like the one I’ve just shared with you.

See, the body is a delicate balance of hormones, chemicals, enzymes, bacteria and all sorts of living matter. And just a few changes can throw this balance out of whack and create issues like E.D.

Obviously the way to fix and address this imbalance is not to pump your body full of drugs. This just makes the imbalance worse. Yes, it may temporarily fix your ED but your body will pay for it somewhere else.

That’s why the reported side-effects of the most popular ED drugs include problems like heart issues, blindness, hearing problems, rashes and all sorts of issues.

Here’s what I recommend instead – put your body back in balance so that you restore your body’s natural ability to get hard. Not only is it a healthier solution but it’s a long-term sustainable one as well.

That’s what the men are doing with this exciting ED solution who are reporting these incredible results like the one I shared with you earlier.

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How to Get Hard and Stay Hard in Bed

how to get hard and stay hard in bedIf you’ve experienced that awkward moment when you’ve been having some great foreplay with a woman, but then suddenly when it comes to sex you realize you
can’t get hard… you know how much that situation sucks.

It’s frustrating as hell to want sex, have a woman ready for sex and then to not be able to actually have sex.

To avoid this situation in the future listen up…

There’s something you have to know about what’s going on here.

The truth is that there’s a reason why you’re failing to get hard at those important moments in time.

Because think about it… if you can get hard when you’re masturbating or when watching a porn movie and there’s no pressure to get hard… then it’s clearly not something physical that’s holding you back from getting hard.

It’s got to be something going on in your head.

If it wasn’t just in your head then you wouldn’t be able to get hard when there was no pressure.

Therefore, while there are physical tricks to getting hard, today I want to address a very important concept as to why this situation happens to guys.

The concept is… emotional state.

At any point in time we live in a certain emotional state.

Sometimes we experience a confident state, sometimes we experience a sad state, sometimes we experience a connected state, sometimes we experience a nervous
state… and so on and so on.

An emotional state is a way of describing the experience of an emotion at any point in time.

Even if you feel like you’re “emotionless” you’re still in an emotional state, it’s probably just a state of calm or restfulness.

Anyway, the reason this concept is important is because your emotional state directly affects your ability to get hard.

In fact, it’s a negative emotional state that causes you to fail to get hard when you really want to.

Think about it…

If there’s no physical difference between your ability to get hard when you’re alone and your inability to get hard when you’re about to have sex… it must therefore be your emotional state that’s stopping you from getting hard.

And if you do have difficulty getting hard for sex, but not when you’re alone, I flat out guarantee  you that it’s because you experience a different emotional state during

Therefore if you want to be able to get and stay hard during sex you need to change the habitual emotional state you experience during sex.

Chances are that right now you experience nervousness or at the minimum some kind of anticipation of a negative event or some kind of judgement.

If you want to get hard this must change.

And changing doesn’t have to be some big and complex experience.

You don’t need an intervention or to go on a 5 month retreat in the Himalayas.

All you need to do is decide that from now on during sex you’ll experience an empowered state instead of a weak one.

Decide to be confident during sex instead of fearful.

Expect success instead of expecting failure.

Do this and you’ll be able to get and stay rock-hard during sex.

And if you’d like to learn some specific strategies for how to make this change, then check out this free video …

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PS – The ability to get and stay hard really is not rocket-science and neither does it require a special pill.

If you’ve been able to get hard naturally at any point in the last 6 months then you have ability to recreate that hardness as soon as you figure out how to trigger it.

P.P.S. These techniques I teach work for virtually all men but in some and only the lazy will prefer to buy cheap Viagra on-line so as to avoid doing the mental and emotional work 😉

If you’re feeling lazy, you can get cheap sex pills at – best place to shop for meds on-line – how do I know? That’s where I go 🙂 .