How to Date and Attract the Woman You Love

dating attractive womenIf you’re interested in learning how to date and attract the woman you love, you’ll probably know that there are near-infinite numbers of dating coaches out there on the Net, each marketing his own particular brand of wisdom on how to ‘get more females’ … and each trying to convince us all of his own unique ‘spin’ on the subject.

You’ll also probably know that most of this so-called knowledge is based mostly upon EXTREMES of approach.

I’m sure you know what I mean: that you’re either out there trying to ‘score’ as many hot females as possible (belt-notches optional but recommended) …

… or, you’re trying to find ‘The One’, and therefore should NOT be in the market for any kind of fun, relaxed dating practices, like dating more than one person at a time. That would just be irresponsible, right?

It’s like there are only two ways of looking at this whole ‘dating and attraction’ thing: you’re either out there to get as much as possible, as QUICK as possible … or you’re out there to find a future wife, ’nuff said.

As it turns out, however, there IS an intermediary ‘middle ground’, and it’s called figuring out how to BE the kind of guy that the best women are NATURALLY ATTRACTED to …

…so that, WHATEVER your ‘end goal’ is (whether that’s a string of fast’n’furious short-term flings or one superlative relationship), you’re
able to act in a way that’s authentic and true to yourself … while still achieving whatever it is that you set out to achieve.

Here’s the deal with this ‘middle ground’ approach.

Once you become that guy who just instinctively ‘is’ attractive to himself, you never have to bog yourself down trying to ‘role-play’, use ‘canned material’, or hide behind a pseudo-social mask of witty one-liners and bravado in the hopes of ‘getting’ a female.

Instead, you can literally just be YOURSELF (albeit your BEST self), and watch in wonderment as a virtual red carpet of amazing women and ABUNDANT OPTIONS unfurls in front of you.

Let me ask you a question.

Are you interested in becoming the kind of guy who’s ‘a natural’ with women?

My guess is that, yes, you would be. And I’m not talking about some kind of quick-fix magic bullet, since, if you’re truly interested in literally BECOMING great with women – not just ACTING great with them – there ARE no magic bullets. (Sorry about that.)

I’m talking about finding it within yourself to use whatever skills and charisma are lurking in there (possibly unknown to you, at this present
moment) and creating hot, fun, outrageously successful relationships of whatever nature and length with the females that YOU find attractive.

Not the women your friends want. Not the women you think you ‘should’ want. But the women that YOU ACTUALLY want. The women that YOU think of as being ‘incredible’.

(Why? Because this is about learning to shuck off the dusty old social masks that so many guys out there are using, and being your REAL self to
attract the females YOU WANT. No side-stepping or B.S. permitted, in your behavior or your goals.)

I don’t have to tell you that women are different from us. There are things they do that make no sense to us at all. Our brains are “wired” differently – just ask any neurobiologist.

So it falls to me to lead you down the path of ‘what happens inside the female brain’ … to give you the science, the statistics, and exact
conclusions you need to apply your insider knowledge to ANY woman.

Over the next couple days, here’s what’s going to happen:

– You’ll find out why women are the way they are, and what it means for YOU.

– You’ll find out how to spark attraction in a female… how to get to a more intimate level quickly … and how to keep that spark going as long as you want.

– You’ll learn how to keep a relationship from getting boring or too serious … how to keep your partner from changing for the worse … and how to feel so secure in how she feels about you that you don’t have to worry about ANY other guy.

Let me give you a blow-by-blow breakdown of how we’re going to proceed over the next week.


Every system has a foundation. Some guys base their seduction science on NLP; others say that it all comes down to the approach and building
rapport. There are yet other guys who focus on being entertaining and demonstrating value.

Our foundation here at is a little different. I’m not interested in giving you the ‘quick fix’ (which, incidentally, is usually the FALSE fix.)

How many times have you heard of, or seen, a guy whose life is just too ‘compartmentalized’ to actually be sustainable?

During the day, he has his ‘normal’ personality. Then at night, he puts on his sarging clothes, studies up on magic tricks and ‘cold reading’, and goes out to pick up chicks, hiding behind his ‘social personality’ like an automaton.

Sooner or later, he’s going to run out of ‘material’ and ‘things to say’, and is going to run face-first into that ugly situation where his ‘knowledge’ FAILS HIM, and he JUST DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

See, that’s the problem with ‘faking it’. At some point, you’re going to run into a situation that’s simply beyond the bounds of what you know… and you’re going to be stumped.

But if you’re NOT ‘faking it’, and you’re actually BEING that guy who actually IS good with women, you’re NEVER going to have that problem,
because you’re ALWAYS going to be able to trust your own instincts.

It’s a simple solution to a complex problem.

Oh, and by the way … once you get past the surface-level and really get interested in the MECHANICS of what’s going on here – the ‘behind-the-scenes’ information that helps you to literally BECOME that amazing guy – you’ll find that these skills are actually fundamental to just about every area of life.

This isn’t just going to make you better at pickup.

It’s going to make you better at LIFE.

So, here’s the deal …

Over the next week, you’re going to become familiar with the three core principles necessary to rid you of unwholesome and limiting ‘old-style’
beliefs pertaining to FEMALES and YOURSELF … and as a result, you’re going to experience a quantum shift in the kind of success you experience with women, and with life in general.


Dating Principle #1: Men and women are different.

This is a hugely profound statement, and yet few men actually INTERNALIZE it and cross that boundary between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’.

For example, a lot of guys know on a theoretical level that women and men are not the same … and yet they continue, on some level, to expect women to be ‘more like men’.

Often, this takes the shape of the guy who’s biding his time and waiting for ‘The Big One’ (a.k.a. ‘the one’) while he ‘has fun for now’ with women who, secretly, he considers ‘beneath him’ and ‘not up to his standards’ …

… without realizing that the woman he REALLY wants … the one who implicitly ‘gets it’ and ‘understands him’ …

… is NEVER going to show up, unless he decides to take the bit between the teeth and actually take the initiative as far as female behaviour patterns go.

Guys like these are the ones who never invest any effort or time into actually
UNDERSTANDING feminine psychology or what ‘works’ with women … and so they end up repeating the same old relationship-pattern again and again.

(While all the time, figuring that, at some point, this fantastic person is going to just show up in their lives without the need for them to make any changes to their attitude or behaviour first.)

We all know that men and women are different. But if you want to get some SUCCESS with women, you’ve got to understand HOW they’re different … and what that means for YOU.

Dating Principle #2: Women are attracted to men because they’re MEN.

OK guys. This is a big one. Have you noticed that there’s a huge tendency towards ‘feminizing’ ourselves as men lately? Everywhere you look, guys
are sensitizing, tenderizing, and demasculinizing themselves in the hopes that this will somehow attract more women.

Here’s a new concept for you: women like men who are MEN.

You know: strong, masculine guys who know who they are, what they want, and who have the confidence to do and be as they believe best.

Not a whimpering, supplicating creature that’s deliberately scrubbed all residual masculinity, from its personality like unwanted barnacles and who attempts to attract women through its complete LACK of anything that might ‘offend’ …

… like being up-front about attraction … like teasing her and making her laugh … like daring to cross ‘boundaries’ in a playful, laid-back way … like taking RISKS and being a MAN.

Enough of us have bought into the concept that to be ‘a man’, and to telegraph to women the fact that we – like everyone else with a pulse – actually enjoy sex, and wouldn’t mind even HAVING SOME from time to time, is a BAD THING if you want to attract a woman.

The result?

A strange and cloying tendency to ‘befriend’ women, act like their therapists, and generally attempt to repress any shows of genuine attraction or sexuality in the hopes of coming in ‘under the radar’.

This kind of behavior positively reeks of spinelessness – and not only that, but MANIPULATION.

That’s right: men who try to suppress their own inherent maleness in order to get women are:

– manipulating themselves, by pretending that basic aspects of their character are not ‘appropriate’ and therefore do not exist

– manipulating HER, by lulling her assumed ‘suspicions’ and pretending to be and want something that, respectively, they are not and do not.

Part of creating massive and ongoing success with women is recognizing the fact that you are a MAN, and that remaining true to that manhood, and never apologizing for it, is an ESSENTIAL aspect of being a high-caliber guy and of being attractive to blue-ribbon-candidate females.

Dating Principle #3: Non-attachment is what
works – don’t get obsessive, now.

The moment you start getting too attached to the outcome of any situation – the moment you start to act like a guy WITHOUT OPTIONS – is the moment that the tables turn, you give up all your CONTROL and POWER, and put HER in the driver’s seat of what happens next.

Incidentally, it’s also the moment that she begins to sense your inherent instability … and her attraction for you begins to wane.

On the other hand, if you can create a reality for yourself where you have PLENTY of options … and you know that ‘another, better one’ could literally show up at any minute …

… then you NEVER get too attached to what happens, you NEVER start obsessing, and you NEVER inadvertently create your own, negative reality by acting needy and insecure.

And by the way: this isn’t about trying to ‘not care’, or cultivating an attitude of apathy. It’s simply about knowing your own worth, and never

Next post I will answer the question:

So what does it take to ‘man up’? What does it take to inspire irresistible sexual chemistry in a female? What does it REALLY take to be a man? And
why do women want a ‘manly man’ anyway? I’ll give you a quiz to measure exactly how well you’re igniting sexual polarity in a woman, and give you concrete techniques to up your sex appeal.

How to ditch your overt attachment to a particular outcome, and lose the sense of desperation and neediness that’s keeping you trapped in Rejection Hell. How to update your attitude and approach to dating and attraction so that you become the strong, masculine man who NATURALLY attracts females and keeps their interest … all without a hint of grovelling, supplication, or ass-kissing.


Find out how you can use your ‘insider knowledge’ of a woman’s mind to maximize your success in attracting them.

Why is it that some guys seem to be trapped in a cycle of continuing relationship blahs, while for others, their relationship bond just keeps getting better and better? Why is it that some relationships turn sour after just a month or two, even if they seemed GREAT at first? Learn the secrets of
‘relationship science’ so that your life is IMPROVED by the presence of your female chosen one.

This is the basic ‘success package’ that you need to get your feet planted firmly on the road to knowledge and the kind of AUTHENTICALLY high-caliber lifestyle that WILL attract the BEST women.

One last thing before I go … this is all completely different stuff from the ‘routines’ and ‘techniques’ that you may have learned from other, more ‘commercial’ dating coaches.

This isn’t about setting you up with the ‘fake it till you make it’ lifestyle that somehow never seems to QUITE click with the ‘real you’ … this is about shucking the husk of inauthenticity and mediocrity, and effortlessly ATTRACTING ‘quality’ into your life.

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