How to Keep Hard During Intercourse

Keeping Had During intercourse – Need to Know

keep hard during intercourseDid you know that changing what you think about during lovemaking can have a huge impact on your ability to get and stay hard?

Discover what to think about to get hard fast here…

Tricks To Get Hard [VIDEO]

OK, right now I want to share with you a powerful trick for helping you to get and stay hard more easily…

You know – so you can pound away and give your lover the kind of intense body-shaking orgasms she craves.

hard on pills canadaHere’s the trick…

“Discover your ‘method for arousal’ and use it”

Here’s what this means…

Every guy has his own set of things that have to happen in order for him to get hard.

For many guys it’s something visual.

For example, many guys when they see a beautiful woman naked they can get hard.

But that’s really only scratching the surface.

If you want to have the SKILL to be able to get hard on command, you need to go further than that.

You need to identify very specifically what you have to see in your head for you to get hard.

Is it admiring a woman’s breasts?

Is it admiring a woman’s curvature?

Is it seeing yourself thrusting into a woman?

For many guys the latter is an incredibly powerful visualization.

Seeing yourself thrusting hard into a woman, seeing yourself going into her and really immersing yourself in that experience – where you see and feel every part of her as you do it…

Most guys will find it difficult NOT to get hard if that’s what they visualize with intensity.

But everyone is different.

Some guys will have different triggers.

This is just a great example of one.

You need to find your own unique “method for arousal”

Now here’s another tip…

Some guys will say things like “I can only get hard while watching adult movies” or “I can only get hard when I’m alone”.

And while this may have been true up to until now – what’s really happening is that they’re using a different “method for arousal” in those situations than when they’re with their lover.

See, when alone watching adult movies these guys probably visualize themselves thrusting hard and deep into a woman, or whatever their personal arousal strategy is.

But then while with an actual woman they probably visualize things not working out, her assessing his performance, himself failing to get hard and all sorts of negative things.

Can you see now why some guys, and perhaps even you fail to get hard?

Well take a lesson from all this.

If right now you struggle to get hard in situations when it really matters you need to figure out your “method for arousal” and then begin using it in situations when you need it – instead of running thought patterns that don’t help you to get aroused.

Look, I’m really only scratching the surface of these “mindset techniques” for getting and staying rock hard.

To discover more watch this video…

Mindset Techniques To Get Rock Hard

Go for it!

PS – Guess what another benefit of this approach is…

It’s 100% natural.

No need for meds or strange gadgets.

You can do this completely with your mind.

– – –

Getting Rock-Solid And Staying Hard – Naturally During Intercourse

Do you recognize this situation?

You’re in bed with your lover…

Things are heating up.

You’re touching each other more and more, clothes have started coming off.

And now you’re naked.

It’s about to go to the next level.

She goes to grab you “down there” and you’re not quite fully hard, but you’re not quite flaccid either.

You think “I wish I was harder, but you know what… she’s touching me down there, she’s ready for it and this could really happen this time”

And you notice yourself getting a little harder…

But then the panic sets in…

“What if I LOSE my hardness?”

You instantly become incredibly self-conscious of how hard you are.

You start to wonder…

“Am I hard enough? Am I losing hardness? What’s going on down there?”

And you begin to worry – “What if I completely lose my hardness?”

And that’s when it happens.

That fear and nervousness flows through your entire body until it hits your genitals.

You can literally feel the anxiety flowing through your body and it then quickly takes hold and completely destroys all the hardness you have.

And it’s all over.

generic viagra canada onlineNo more love making tonight.

You feel terrible and she’s disappointed.

The whole situation is a failure and you feel awful.

Have you ever had an experience similar to this – or that resembles this in some way?

If you have, then here’s what you need to realize…

There’s a pattern going on here.

Did you notice it?

A pattern over which you have complete control.

And what you have control over is how you look at and perceive the situation.

See, there’s a key turning point in this example.

And that is the point at which she grabs the genitals.

This could go two ways…

It could trigger fear and anxiety leading to loss of hardness – as it did in this example.

Or it could trigger excitement and more arousal – leading to full and complete hardness.

What happens depends completely on how you PERCEIVE the situation.

And this is something over which you have 100% control.

You can CHOOSE how you react.

You can choose what you focus on.

You could focus on what could go wrong – or you could focus on what arouses you about your lover.

The choice is yours – but choose wisely, because what you choose will produce a radically different outcome.

Now, if you’d like to discover more about this process of managing what goes through your head so you can get and stay harder for longer then watch this video…

Surprising Method To Getting And Staying Hard
This approach, as you can probably begin to see, is like nothing else out there for getting and staying hard.

And it goes a lot deeper than what I’ve shared today.

Getting Hard and Staying Hard on Demand

I love it, because it yet again proves how almost any guy can claim control of getting hard and deeply satisfy his lover… even if he feels like he’s tried everything.

Here it is…

“In the past I would load up on Cialis and hope for the

“What annoyed me most was even though I was loaded
up and I was as horny as ever, it didn’t always assist and
I would go home after staying overnight [with my girlfriend]
frustrated only to be confronted with an erec**** at home
and taking care of it thinking of my girlfriend whom I had
just left naked and wanting.

“So I started to think this is ridicules and when I was next staying with my girlfriend and confronted with the same thing I started to follow your advice and had a discussion with myself while I was in bed next to my naked girlfriend. My conversation went like this – what are you doing are you really going to wait till you get home and get an erection and masturbate. That’s silly, here she is by your side ready and willing, so I started to [use the special techniques found in the Get And Stay Hard program] and before I knew it had a raging hard on to please her.

“Since I have continued to focus the same way and find my hard on being more reliable.

“Today it was so natural reliable and multiple.

“Glad I purchased your books, thanks



Pretty cool, right?

Well Jeff isn’t the only guy experiencing results like this.

Cialis weekend ED pillMany guys are discovering the secret to gaining control over getting hard.

Listen, there’s a lesson to take away from here – and it’s not “isn’t that nice for him”.

The lesson is that despite your past failures, despite your doubts, despite your challenges and no matter how many times you may have failed to turn things around in the past you CAN make this breakthrough.

That’s a HUGE lesson.

Never give up.

And if you’d like me to be your guide in showing you how to get and stay hard on your command, then  check out this video…

How To Get And Stay Hard (VIDEO)

I know personally I come up with all kinds of reasons why I can’t have the things that I want, but when I get honest with myself and thoroughly examine those reasons hardly ever are they genuine reasons.

They’re almost always excuses and things I say to myself to avoid me getting my hopes up and trying again.

Is it the same for you?

If it is, but you’re now ready to let go of your excuses and take action then watch this video on how to get and stay hard in bed…

Secret To Triggering And Keep A Full Hard-On

More techniques to Keep Hard During Intercourse

If you’ve ever struggled to maintain a full hard-on for as long as you’d like to during sex I think you’ll find this very valuable…

I want to share with you a simple concept for staying hard for as long as you like…

Here it is…

Mental Focus.

Look, if right now you can’t stay hard throughout sex then you simply lack mental focus.

It’s probably NOT to do with age, what your lover does, an unrelated medical condition, something bad that happened to you in the past or poor genetics…

cheap Viagra canadaIt comes down to mental focus.

If you lose your hard-on during sex and you struggle to get it back then it means you need to change what you think about during sex.

Most often guys lose their hardness because they get nervous or they begin to worry about what would happen if they do lose it.

Then once they lose even 5% hardness they begin to panic, worrying that they’ll lose even more, after which they create a self-fulfilling prophecy where losing it really is inevitable.

See, worrying about losing your hard-on is the kiss of death.

When you worry it becomes 10x more difficult to get or stay hard.

This is because when you worry your brain sends chemicals (hormones) through the bloodstream that counter-act the other chemicals telling your body to get hard.

This is why it all comes back to mental focus.

If you want to stay hard then you need to improve your mental focus.

If you catch yourself worrying, getting nervous or visualizing negative outcomes then immediately stop, take a breath, realize what you’re doing and then consciously focus on the positive.

Instead, focus on what arouses you.

Focus on what attracts and arouses you about your partner.

Really zoom in on that.

And what this will do is it will trigger the release of more chemicals (hormones) that cause hardness and by not focussing on worrying you’ll release fewer of the chemicals that counter-act hardness.

It all comes down to mental focus.

Now, truth be told, there’s a little more to mental focus than what I’ve just shared…

There are more sophisticated techniques and methods for managing your focus and triggering and maintaining hardness…

If you’d like to discover what these techniques are then watch this video…

Techniques To Get And Stay Hard [VIDEO]

– – –

Getting and Staying Hard  – even for old guys!

I want to right now shatter a myth that grips our culture.

And that myth is that as you get older it becomes more difficult to get or maintain a full hard-on.

This myth is a limiting belief that has the potential to kill your sex life and perhaps even drive your lover into the arms of a man who DOESN’T buy into this myth.

Sildenafil citrate pills CanadaLet me tell you something. The fact that you’re getting older does NOT have to mean you lose strength and stiffness.

Now it is true that it can happen.

But what I’m telling you is that it’s not inevitable.

In other words –  You have a choice.

If you do nothing, then you may well experience a gradual loss of the ability to get or stay hard.

But if you know the right techniques for getting and staying hard then it doesn’t matter how old you are, you have the potential to gain full control over your ability to get hard.

Here’s what I’m talking about – It’s all based on this simple philosophy –

If at any stage in the last 3 months you experienced a full natural hard-on (whether that be while masturbating, watching porn, first thing in the morning or any other time) then that demonstrates that you have the PHYSICAL CAPABILITY to get hard.

Which means that even if you’re in your 90’s, if you can relate to what I just said, then you have the potential to get hard whenever you want.

The key lies in knowing how to trigger that ability
to get 

TadalafilSee what stops most men as they age from being able to get and stay hard is that they have life experiences that throw them off track.

Perhaps they develop a form of anxiety (which, by the way, is KILLER to getting hard), or perhaps they develop some limiting beliefs or perhaps there’s some physical condition that weakens their ability to get hard if they don’t know the right techniques to
counter-act it.

But no matter what it is that’s holding you back, almost all of these things can be overcome if, as I just mentioned, you can remember a time in the last 3 months where you experienced a solid hard-on.

Think about it.

If you can get hard at one particular time, why shouldn’t you be able to recreate it at any other?

If you have the physical ability to get hard then your age is not the reason why you can’t get hard when you really need to…

You just don’t know the technique for activating your hardness when you really want it.

Let me demonstrate this technique for you…

I’ve created a video in which I walk through the exact method for triggering a full hard-on whenever you want it… without meds, pumps or any weird devices.

Watch this video:

My Method For Getting Hard On Command

Go for it, Ed

P.S. What I’ve been talking about is a very simple concept…

If you’ve been able to get hard at any point in the last 3 months then that PROVES you have the potential to do it at other times.

If, however, you struggle to get hard when you reallywant to, such as during sex with your lover, then it can only mean you’re lacking the knowledge of how to trigger the hard-on you already have the ability to make happen.
See how it works here

Step-By-Step Technique To Get And Stay Hard