Orgasm too quickly?

The most important concept to stop orgasm too quickly

orgasm too quicklyBe able to quickly gain control to stop orgasm too fast and begin enjoying long lasting sex.

That’s what happened to me when I wrapped my head around this concept.

But I want to explain this concept from a slightly different perspective in this post.  Not understanding this is such a huge roadblock to having stamina control.

So let’s dive in.

The number 1 most important concept to grasp to when trying to solve how to last longer in bed is to:

Realize that stopping quick orgasm is a skill you can learn

Here’s what I mean:

Most men seem to think that how long they can last is out of their person control.

And in my work in helping men last longer in bed I’ll often hear reasons like:

  • I’ve never been able to last long so I never will
  • My cock isn’t big enough that’s why I can’t last
  • I just don’t have the genes for it
  • When my lover does x, y, or z it makes me orgasm early so it’s not my fault.

But here’s the truth:

Complete control stop fast orgasm

orgasm control pillsThe problem is just that you’ve never realized what it really takes to last long.

Because the real cause of how long you last in bed does not come down to the common reason I hear like cock size, how you are as a person or what your lover does.

What determines how long you last comes down the specific things you do before and during sex.

That includes everything from sex positions to thrusting styles and from breathing patterns to the thoughts in your head.

And as weird as that might initially sound, if you really think about it, doesn’t it make sense?

For example, have you ever noticed how certain sex positions or thrusting styles cause you to orgasm more quickly than others?

Well this is just a tiny example of how the things you do can influence how long you last.

There are other factors you’ve also probably never realized that have an even bigger affect on how long you last.

And when you discover what these factors are and you change them.

That’s when you gain control over how long you last.

And that’s why being able to last long in bed is a skill that can be learned.

Because it doesn’t take lucky genes, the right woman, or being a certain size “down there”.

It takes learning the specific things to do before and during sex, that mean you can last a whole lot longer.

Specific things to do before and during sex to last longer in bed?

Well, like I’ve already alluded to, sex positions, thrusting styles, breathing patterns and your thoughts are some of them.

But there are many more subtle distinctions to learn that have an even bigger influence on how long you last.

And taking control of them is what will allow you to truly stop orgasm too quickly and last over 30 minutes in bed.

If you’d like to find out what these more subtle distinctions are and how I personally applied them and other techniques to go from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 30 minutes in bed, then watch the video below.

Just like learning to ride a bike, lasting long in bed really can be learned.

You just need the right information to show you how.

In this video I’ve made for you I give this exact information for free.

Check it out here, while it’s still on-line.

last longer video

How to last longer in bed

How to last longer in bed tricks

premature ejaculation cures guruThere are a few things you should know about the condition of premature ejaculation that too many men suffer from.

Premature ejaculation is not caused by genetics, your penis size, or a personality defect.

The real cause of premature ejaculation due to things you do. Things you do both before and during making love. Usually without even realizing it!

You’ve got to get a handle on the things you do before and while having sex. Start incorporating these last longer techniques.

Below are 6 things you can do. Get into a regular habit of doing them before and during having sex. This will enable you to last longer in bed.

Last longer trick 1: Breath Deeply and Slowly

A lot of men simply breath to fast, maybe because of the excitement – but it works against you and greatly increases your to ejaculate prematurely. Both before and during sex, consciously take slow and deep breathes. It will keep you calmer and help you hold on longer.

Last longer trick 2: Use the deep clitoral rubbing technique

When you are inside her, give the thrusting a break and just move all the way in (gently of course) and remain deep inside her, gently rubbing her clit with you pelvic bone. Not only can this give you partner a great deal of pleasure but will also reduce the friction and help you delay ejaculation for a long time.

Last longer trick 3: Practice long haul masturbation

When you masturbate make it last as long as possible. If you feel your are close to coming stop any stimulation and wait till the intensity dies down before starting again. When we do this we are conditioning ourselves to put off orgasm until the time is right. Take as long to reach orgasm when masturbating as you would like to last with her in bed.

Last longer trick 4: Piss before sex

make sure your bladder is empty before engaging in sex. This takes off the pressure on your genitals and enables you to last longer. With less pressure you are less likely to suffer premature ejaculation. This simple technique can really help you hold on so don’t forget – take a piss before, not after.

Last longer trick 5: Don’t get stressed – relax

A lot of men who suffer premature ejaculation tension their muscles during intercourse and this can greatly increase the chances of blowing off too soon. Learn to relax your muscles, both before and during sex and you will find that when you are relaxed you’re able to hold on for much longer. A relaxed man is a longer lasting man. Simple.

Last longer trick 6: Strengthen your pelvic muscles

Your pelvic muscles in your groin region is very helpful in stopping an untimely orgasm, provided it’s strong enough and you remember to use it. Practice exercising this muscle throughout the day to strengthen it and put it to good use while making love. Flexing this muscle can actually prevent ejaculation. Just make sure you get it in good shape and use it when you need it.

Use one or more of these  techniques to help delay orgasm and become the great lover you know you could be.

For further advanced techniques on how to last longer in bed check out the video about how to last longer in bed.

It details how former PE sufferer Jack Grave, went from a ten second wonder in bed to lasting over 35 minutes with ease.

how to last longer in bed

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