Best way to make a woman come fast

How to make a woman come fast (and furious)

how to make a woman come fastIf you want to know how to make a woman come fast and hard read every word of this post.

To start, here is an interesting trait of the human psychology. It’s something we ALL have.

It’s the “But I’m Different” or “That Could Never Be Me” belief.

Whenever we humans see someone achieving an incredible result that we would like to experience we often say, “I’ll never be able to do that, because …

We see the awesome result and instantly we come up with reasons why we can’t achieve that.

We’ll actually look for reasons as to why we can’t achieve the same.

So we’ll do things like ask ourselves what’s different about the person that achieved it.

Things like:

  • How’s their background different?
  • What opportunities have they had that we didn’t?
  • How are they naturally more talented?
  • What luck did they have to achieve it?

And so we’ll develop a list of reasons that we then use as excuses for why we can’t achieve the same.

And if anyone (including ourselves) ever challenges us to achieve the same, all we need to do is pull out our list of excuses to justify not trying.

Now I’m obviously not pointing fingers here.

I’ve done this more times than I can count and I believe this is a trait of just about every human.

What if you could achieve the things you’ve always wanted?

What if with the right approach you could implement change to start living the life you’ve always wanted?

Here’s what’s interesting – if you take some time to study anyone who’s achieved something great (like making a woman come fast consistently).

And I mean really study, like read their autobiographies, not just their Wikipedia page.

You’ll find that they’re just as human as you are. They may:

  • have countless faults.
  • envy others.
  • doubt themselves.
  • have challenges in their relationships.
  • have money problems.
  • And so on and so on . . .

Name a problem and there will be a successful person who’s experienced it.

All this can be hard to believe when we’re raised in a society of celebrity worship and we’re trained to automatically assume that people who achieve great things are somehow genetically different from us, but this just isn’t true.

And when you begin to realize that people who achieve great things have just as many problems and challenges as everyone else.

Something interesting happens.

You start to say to yourself – “You know, I bet I could do that”.

And often that is all that makes the difference between those who achieve great things and those who don’t – belief.

So if you want to be “that guy” a woman loves to have sex with…

Then you need to believe that you can be and start doing the necessary things to make it happen.

Forget all the stories you told yourself as to why it can’t happen for you.

Be that person.

Decide to be that person.

Study what it takes to be that person.

And if you commit and stick with it and never give up.It will happen.

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