How to Make Her Want You in Bed

Make her want you sexually

how to make her want youSo a lot of guys have been asking me for advice on how to make her want you in bed.

And before I get into my answer to this question – I recommend you check out this video:

Now the kind of messages I’ve been getting vary all the way from incredibly frustrated to already getting it several times a week but wanting more.

Well no matter where you are on the spectrum… this can help you.

And this tip is actually pretty simple. It’s deceptively simple, in fact. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s not important.

Here’s the tip

When you do have sex, make sure you make it exceptionally pleasurable for her and create a positive association to sex.

This key:

Sometimes, when you’re physically frustrated, finally getting it can be such a relief that you make it all about yourself and fulfilling your own needs.

And you may feel like that’s justified, because you haven’t had it in so long. And you could be right. But that wouldn’t be thinking strategically now would it? Because what’s your long term goal?

To keep your current love-making frequency as it is and celebrate when it does happen… or to get a lot more?

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing the latter.

So take a short-term hit in satisfaction for a substantially large long-term gain.

When you do next become intimate with your lover, do whatever it takes to drive her wild.

Go above and beyond. Do things you wouldn’t normally do – and do whatever it takes to make it so she walks away satisfied. And here’s a final pro tip –

Create a positive association after you’re finished

Your lover is unconsciously going to be watching carefully to see what you do.

Are you going to turn away and fall asleep or leave?

Or are you going to embrace her, share a moment with her and confirm how good it was?

Out of the two it’s fairly obvious which is going to create the more positive association to love making, isn’t it?

So make sure you do it. This is crucial.

You want to manufacture such a positive association that whenever she thinks about being intimate with you she gets excited because not only will it fulfill her physical needs, but her emotional needs of feeling loved and connected.

Look, there’s a lot more to this than what I can share in one post.

There are actual physical techniques to satisfying her and there are methods to arousing her and getting her wanting more.

To drive your lover wild in bed and to have her come back and literally beg for you to do it again takes a unique approach.

It’s counter-intuitive and it doesn’t come naturally to many guys (myself included).

That means you have to study what works and use proven techniques.

Discover those proven techniques. Play the video.

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