How to Make Sure You Stay Hard!

Can you change your biology for longer lasting hard-ons?

how to make sure you stay hardStruggling to achieve the kind of full long lasting hard-ons you used to experience? It could well be a biological problem – not just in your head.

But let me ask you a question –  How does your body react when you see a smoking-hot sexy-as-hell woman?

Do you appreciate it from an intellectual point of view, where you can firmly agree with another man that she is attractive?

Or does your entire body light on fire and you immediately feel the blood rushing to your genitals to the point where you have to consciously stop yourself from getting hard if you’re out in public?

If you don’t experience this kind of intense,  electric reaction when faced with an intensely sexual situation, then you have a problem.

Not a problem in the sense that something is fundamentally wrong with you or that you’re a broken type-of-problem.

You have a problem in the sense that some part of your biology is probably not working right.

Think about it – As a man you are programmed to want sex. One of your key functions is to be able to get hard and have great sexual intercourse a woman. And it should be easy and blatantly desirable for you to do it.

And if your body isn’t bursting with sexual energy after just a few days without orgasm – then that’s a serious sign that something is missing.

Now what is that thing that’s missing? It could well be something biological.

It could be that there’s some type of hormonal imbalance or that your body is missing some key resources needed to activate its instinctive sexual drive.

Now, the good news is that if this is the problem, it’s easily fixable.

And so if you’ve been lacking sexual desire and you want more libido, more passion, more confidence and firmer and longer lasting erections then get some highly effective erectile dysfunction pills like generic Viagra or generic Cialis at a cost virtually anyone can afford.

This approach is effective and doesn’t require any cock rings, pumps or traditional testosterone therapy.

The advantage of Cialis (Tadalafil) is that the effect it lasts up to 18 hours!generic cialis tadalafil online price comparison

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Of course, if the problem is biologically based you might want to use the mind control secret to make sure you stay hard in bed.

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Here’s what one user of the ‘make sure you stay hard’ system said:

“The biggest thing that changed for me in being able to maintain my hard-on was my confidence. Instead of being passive, I’m pursuing sexual situations.

Now she just tells me when she wants me to come and I orgasm on command.

I have no idea why this technique isn’t common knowledge. But I’m just glad I discovered it.

I thought my divorce killed my libido. I was putting a quarter of a Viagra under my tongue as insurance I could get and stay hard. Now I’m totally weaned off them and fully confident in my own tool.

In short – I got my sex life back.”

If you’ve ever wished you could get fuller, thicker and longer lasting hard-ons then you absolutely must learn these techniques to stay hard before it’s too late.

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Get and Stay hard Naturally – tips and techniques

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In this get hard and stay hard course you will learn among other things the squeeze-breathe-thrust technique.

This technique will help you to take control of your body, activate a passionate libido, get more blood pumping into your manhood and enable you to give your lover more pleasure than you ever imagined.

This is an completely natural  technique to keep a hard on for a long time – even after coming.

That means no pills, no supplements. no testosterone therapy, no strange creams, no pumps and no dietary changes.

You’re going to discover the secret behind how to activate the sexual ability you already dormant inside of you.

Remember, every man has all the tools he needs to get hard and make passionate love. It’s a fundamental part of being a man.

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But read on if you want to know …

The Truth About Getting Rock Hard (Without Drugs)

I’m going to make a bold claim – everything you know about “getting hard” is wrong.

The truth is that you can get rock-hard, stay rock-hard and passionately make love no matter what your age, medical condition or past track record is with failing to get hard.

Even if you’ve spent many years struggling with soft or semi-full hard-ons, even if you feel like your libido is a fraction of it’s full potential or what it used to be, even if you’re over 40 years old, even if you’re not in peak physical condition – You have the power to experience raw sexual energy (that she is seeking).

You can have the kind of animal-like lust and libido where it’s easy to get fully aroused.

Where just lying in bed or sharing a hug with your lover can be enough to arouse an intense sexual desire and throbbing hard-on.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that for some special reason you can no longer achieve this. The truth is that you can. And don’t think for a second that your lover doesn’t mind you not ravishing her with love and sexual passion.

She wants it. Her desires may not surface often. She might not say anything. But deep down she is crying out for you to rip her clothes off and make passionate love to her.

And for this to happen you have to activate your natural libido and desire.

I’m not talking about taking the generic Viagra – even if you can get it super cheap these days. I’m talking about reclaiming your true manhood.

The biggest mistake you can make is thinking ‘I’m too old’, or ‘I’m not that type of guy’ or ‘that level of passion just isn’t possible’. You really can become an exceptional lover – and it’s easier than you think.

You just to need to believe you can and you need to know the strategy of awakening your sexual desire and ability to get hard.

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