How to Satisfy a Woman Sexually in Bed – Dirty Details :)

The inner secret to how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed

sexually satisfy a womanSo what I’m about to share with you regarding how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed may sound a little bit weird, but this is really important if you want to begin giving women a LOT more sexual satisfaction and more intense pleasure in bed…

I you want to make a woman come every time you need self-belief.

It sounds a bit weird and probably not what you’re expecting to hear…

Techniques, methods, sex positions and all those things are crucial to knowing how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed.

But if you:

  • don’t feel like you’re the right guy to do it,
  • or you feel like for some reason you are unworthy of giving her that much pleasure,
  • perhaps you’re waiting for someone to give you permission to do it or
  • or you feel like “you’re just not that kind of guy”…

Then no matter how many techniques you master you’ll still won’t know how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed.

So right now we could go off on all kinds of different tangents discussing the ins and outs of human psychology. (Something I’ve studied in depth over the past few years). But to keep things simple what you need to know is this…

The Power of Belief

Belief in yourself is paramount to knowing how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed.

Most guys have the desire to increase how much  they satisfy a woman. But they lack the belief that they can really do it.

You can’t afford to make this mistake. Here’s an analogy to help explain what I mean – Imagine there’s a door-to-door salesman. And this salesman wants to be successful.

He’s got a good product and he’s passionate about selling it and wants to sell it and make some money.

woman sexual pleasureHe has the desire. But whenever he goes to knock on someone’s door he
assumes that they’ll immediately slam the door in his face because “everyone hates door-to-door salesmen, right?”

So imagine what his success rate is when he turns up, knocks timidly on the door of his prospect’s house and says “you don’t want any of these do you?” He has absolutely no belief in his ability to get what he wants.

He’s guaranteed to fail, isn’t he?

How could he possibly compete with the kind of salesman that knocks on every door expecting to make a sale.

Sure, the optimistic salesman will still fail most of the time, but the fact he anticipates a positive results significantly increases his chances of actually making it.

So that’s the lesson here – anticipate positive results.

Have belief that you can make what you want to make happen.

So, to relate this back to how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed, ask yourself, “what if you knew with 100% certainty that you could give your lover intense sexual pleasure every time you had sex, how would you act differently?”.

And if you knew that something was missing, what would you do to immediately correct it, because you knew that you have the capability to figure anything out?

Another way to think about it is like this.  Why not you?

While they are the minority, there are still countless guys out there who know how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed. Their lovers can’t wait to have sex with them and they pursue them for it constantly.

Why can’t that be you? Are you really that different to those guys?

If you really wanted to, if you committed yourself, if you started trying new things, if you found the correct resources, couldn’t you be just as good, if not significantly better than those guys?

I think you can learn how to satisfy a woman in bed , but you’ve got to give yourself the belief that you can, otherwise you can have all the techniques in the world but if you turn up like the salesman we talked about and say “you’re not going to orgasm tonight, are you?” then what are your chances of success?

Believe in yourself and from that belief you’ll develop the resources to make the change happen.

And if you’d like me to guide you through the process of discovering how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed and what it takes to give a woman intense sexual satisfaction, then start by watching this video of mine.

As I’ve said before, with the right mindset and the right strategy you can be unstoppable in bed and begin to give any woman the best sex she’s ever had.

Discover how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed in this video


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