How to Keep It Hard Longer During Sex

Learn how you too can keep it hard longer in bed

keep it hard longerOne of the things guys that can last long in bed, give women intense orgasms and have women beg them for sex do differently is that they see themselves as being in control. These are guys who have learnt how to keep it hard longer during sex.

They don’t perceive sex to happen to them – they make it happen.

Now sure, sometimes women will come onto them, because women know it’ll feel so good, but what I really mean is something else.

Fix PE is about control

I mean that if one of these guys realizes he’s getting close to orgasm earlier than he’d like to he’ll take control of the situation right away and do something about it.

He won’t just keep thrusting as he is and blame his bad genes or bad luck for orgasming early. He’ll do something to fix the situation.

This could mean changing positions, changing thrusting speed, changing depth, changing breathing, using special thrusting techniques, special muscle techniques, or any
number of the techniques I teach in my training programs.

The point is that he sees himself as being in control.

He doesn’t see premature ejaculation as something that happens to him. He sees P.E. as something that happens when he doesn’t use the right techniques. It happens when he doesn’t pay attention to how close he is to orgasm.  Because of him not educating himself enough as to why it happened.

And therefore he sees P.E. as something he can fix.

Bad things don’t just happen to him. Bad things happen when he isn’t ready, isn’t in control or isn’t knowledgeable enough.

Can you see the difference in attitude?

It’s not a winy or complaining attitude.

Things like complaining imply that he doesn’t have the power to fix things and make his own reality.

Taking action to fix PE

It’s a question of figuring out what to do.

Take a second to think of a skill that you’re good at.

It could be a sport, some type of game, something relating to work or anything you can think of.

For example, let’s say you’re good at golf.

keep hard in bedA good golfer will rarely blame his club, the wind, an injury. Anything other than himself when he plays a bad shot.

If he plays a bad shot he’ll instantly try and figure out what he did wrong. He can then correct it for the next shot.

It’s an attitude of being in control.

I imagine that whatever skills you’re good at you have a similar attitude of constantly trying to figure out what you can do to do it better. Then you realize that you are the one in control of the results.

Well the same is true for lasting longer in bed.

The guys that last long in bed, view it as a skill.

If they somehow mess up and don’t last as long, they right away try and figure out what they did wrong so they can fix it. They know they are in control of their results.

And if you want to learn how to keep it hard during sex you need to adopt the same attitude.

So the next time you don’t last as long as you want in bed, start looking at what’s unique to that situation.

What were you thinking about? Which position were you in? Which sex techniques were you using?

All these things are feedback as to what causes you to orgasm quickly.

Then you can start making adjustments in order to help yourself last longer.

And if you want to learn specific techniques and strategies you can implement to help you last longer, be sure to check out the video below: