Last Longer Before Orgasm

How to increase how last longer before orgasm

last longer before orgasmIf you come here to find out how to last longer before orgasm, and want to stay hard a lot longer, giving her multiple orgasms before you let go of your load then a very good start would be to watch the video by clicking on the link below.

Perhaps you need a little help to last longer in bed. Or need a more through program. You’ll find both in the the video on how to last longer below.

But first I want to share a sneaky technique for lasting longer in bed.

It’s sneaky, because she doesn’t even have to know you’re using it. Plus it doesn’t take away one bit from the pleasure she experiences.

Penis sensitivity

Firstly, for this to work you need to know the following: The tip of your manhood is the most sensitive part. If a set amount of stimulation is applied to the tip you will orgasm faster. Faster than if that same amount of stimulation is applied to the base.

What does this mean? Well it means that if you want to last longer in bed it can help to distribute stimulation nearer the base.

Vagina sensitivity

Now here’s what else you need to know – the most highly stimulating part of a woman’s vagina is the first two inches.

If you’ve ever looked at graphics of a cross section of a woman’s vagina (or just felt around inside one) you’ll know that the space opens up the deeper you get inside.

This means that deep inside a woman’s vagina there is actually less stimulation than near the entrance.

Now let’s put all these facts together.

If you wanted to orgasm quickly you could thrust the tip of your manhood near the entrance to her vagina while making love.

And conversely, if you wanted to last long in bed you could thrust deep inside of her (keeping your tip away from her entrance), while still giving her a ton of pleasure.

See how this all works?

Now I’ve thrown a few different facts at you here so if you don’t 100% get it then give this newsletter another read-through, because this is really powerful stuff.

Deep thrusting for you and her

This is a sneaky trick to last longer in bed: Thrust deep inside of your lover and maintain that depth while still thrusting.

That’s all there is to it. Give this a shot.

If you’d like to discover more techniques for lasting longer in bed then check out the video.

Everything you need to know to last longer before orgasm (your orgasm, that is).

The right techniques can make a huge difference to how long you last in bed.

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There are some men who want to rush these results and use pills to last longer before orgasm. The problem with pills is that they cost money. You also to remember to take them before a session. This can sometimes cramp your style of deflect from spontaneity.

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