Last Longer During Intercourse

How to last longer during intercourse

last longer during intercourseIf you want to keep your lover satisfied then you need to master the technique to last longer during intercourse.

Why? I’m about to share something here that some people may not like. The truth. And that is that most women need time to orgasm.

Some studies show women need an average of 15 minutes of sex to reach orgasm. And that’s just one orgasm.

I’m not talking about giving her a second, third, fourth, fifth or more. Just one.

How do you measure up to that statistic? Can you last at least 15 minutes consistently?

And if you want to be the kind of guy who gives a woman orgasm after orgasm, can you last the 30 minutes or more necessary to do that?

If you struggle to last longer during intercourse and your lover isn’t happy then stop kidding yourself everything is okay.

If your lover isn’t regularly begging you for sex, then that’s a sign that there’s a lot more you could be doing to satisfy her sexually.

And if you can’t last longer during intercourse – at least 15 to 30 minutes in bed, then that there could very well be the problem.

Now I know what you may be thinking.

“But Ed, I’ve tried everything and nothing works… I think I must just be a guy who can’t last longer during intercourse”

Listen up – you haven’t tried everything. There’s a brand new breakthrough method for lasting longer in bed… And you not using this method could be the one reason why you can’t last long.

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Look, when you can last longer during intercourse you won’t believe the opportunities that open up to you.

Your ability to satisfy our lover will sky-rocket when you can control how long you last.

I’m talking about giving her orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. The kind of pleasure most men dream they could give their lover.

Here’s your chance to make it happen.

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Powerful New Way To Last Long In Bed

That’s that then 😉 ,


P.S. You are the one who’s in control of how to last longer during intercourse. Chances are that you were just never taught how to take that control.

Discover how you can take full control of your stamina and last longer during intercourse.

Control How Long You Last