Last longer in bed tonight with these strange but effective techniques

These tricks will help you last longer in bed tonight

last longer in bed tonightSomething I find fascinating is how predictable the human body can be. If you do certain things you can almost guarantee what the response will be.

Take food for example. If you eat nothing but refined sugar all day your body will respond in a totally different way to if you eat nothing but whole, organic vegetables.

I know both of these scenarios are extreme, but I’m saying this to make a point…

The former will probably cause your body to store fat and have your body’s blood sugar levels oscillate wildly. The latter will probably cause your body to burn excess fat and experience stable and high energy levels.

Well, these same predictable patterns apply to lasting long in bed as well.

There are certain things which if you do, will cause you to orgasm very quickly.

priligy onlineWhile there are other things, which if you do, will enable you to last 15, 30, or even 45 minutes or longer.

As you know, for a long time I’ve been studying exactly what those unique triggers are that can allow you to last longer in bed tonight.

I was forced to discover it myself out of desperation. I couldn’t take lasting only 10 seconds in bed and constantly failing to satisfy the women I slept with.

So I kept researching and trying new approaches until I discovered the secrets to lasting over 30 minutes in bed.

And what I’d like to share with you today is one of the unique phenomena I discovered whereby you changing what you do during sex can help you last longer in bed tonight.

This is a personal favorite and I use this often

When you first enter a woman’s vagina the pleasure can be overwhelming.

When it happens you go from experiencing virtually no stimulation to being in a place of intense, continuous, unique and exceptional pleasure.

As men, when we enter the vagina we are genetically programed to orgasm quickly.

(This is a biological response so that we can maximize the chances that we will impregnate our partner. Now, while our culture has long shifted from the cave-men days, a lot of our instincts still remain from back then and therefore to last long in bed we’ve got to learn how to counter-act some of those instincts.)

If you need to know how to last longer in bed tonight, here’s what I recommend

In those first few moments of sex, when the pleasure seems almost overwhelming … take your time. Instead of thrusting fast and deep. Progress half an inch at a time.

Thrust slowly. Don’t immediately go all the way in. Progress very gradually.

So gradually you begin to get frustrated with how you’re holding yourself back… And even to the point where your lover begs and pressures you to enter all the way.

Really take your time. When you do this something very interesting will happen.

Your mind, body and penis will acclimatize to the sensation of being in the vagina.

If you give it enough time you will become used to the intense feelings of pleasure and suddenly you’ll be able to last a whole lot longer.

Until you experience it yourself you’ll never truly be able to appreciate exactly what happens, but what I can tell you is that the sense of power and control you experience at the moment when you suddenly become used to the feeling is amazing.

You’ll be doing it almost every time you have sex

Because here’s what happens:

At this moment in time which I’ve just described, you suddenly become able to thrust harder and deeper without experiencing an immediate desire to orgasm.

See, the mistake most guys make is they add rapid thrusting and stimulation to the opening moments of being in the vagina, therefore this intense combination of pleasure makes orgasming quickly almost inevitable.

But if you take your time to acclimatize, then later you’ll be able to thrust hard and fast and last longer in bed tonight.

I highly recommend you try out this approach the next time you have sex.

Now, if you’d like to discover more advanced methods for lasting long in bed, then come and watch this video.

Any man has the potential to last over 30 minutes.

To last longer in bed tonight, you just need to discover the specific strategies and techniques to making it happen.

Discover those techniques and strategies to last longer in bed tonight below.