Last longer in bed tricks – the thrusting technique

Last longer in bed tricks – the thrusting technique

last longer in bed tricksThis thrusting technique is a last longer in bed trick that is literally plug-and-play. By this I mean you don’t need to think about, work on it, practice it, or anything like that. This one is as simple as doing it.

And when you do it right, you can add several minutes to how long you last, while giving her some great pleasure at the same time.

Now I call this thrusting technique the “Full Thrust” stimulation reducer.

And how it works is like this…

When having sex most men will thrust in and out fully. They’ll go in as deep as they can, and they’ll withdraw almost all the way out.

The problem with this thrusting style is that it is highly stimulating.

And like you learned in the, delay premature ejaculation discussion, you want to reduce your overall stimulation so you can last longer.

But at the same time you don’t want to be thrusting in such a way that it doesn’t pleasure her in any way.

Now before I tell you this, one of my favorite last longer in bed tricks, you need to understand this:

The pink mushroom-like end of your penis (also known as the “glans”) is the most sensitive part of your penis.

And since it’s the most sensitive, this means it causes you to experience the most amount of stimulation and pleasure.

So if you can reduce how much stimulation your glans receives, then you can last much longer.

Full Thrust to last longer

In the “Full Thrust” stimulation reducer you aim to thrust and pleasure your woman, while at the same time minimizing the stimulation to your glans.

The way to do this is as follows.

When you thrust go in as deep as you can without hurting her.

And once you’re this deep continue to thrust, but only withdraw an inch or two.

So while you’re thrusting, all the time you’re still staying very deep inside her.

What this means is that your glans stays deep inside her as well.

And this means your glans doesn’t get close to the entrance of her vagina. This happens to be the tightest and most stimulation causing part of the vagina.

So by keeping your glans well away from the entrance to her vagina it gets very little stimulation. At the same time she will notice virtually no difference, because she’s still
experiencing plenty of thrusting.

So while you’re reducing your stimulation massively, she’s still getting pleasured as much as normal.

In a nutshell you last longer, while she still gets the same amount of pleasure.

Now this thrusting technique is a little complex so it might be hard to grasp first time.

If you’re not 100% sure about how it works then you may want to read it through again, but once you get it, it can work wonders for you in the bedroom.

Short of last longer in bed pills, this is one of the easiest methods tp ‘go the distance’ in bed.

To learn more last longer in bed tricks click on the video below that will show you how to become a master of yourself, and her, between the sheets :).