Naturally be able to last over 30 minutes in bed

How to last over 30 minutes in bed

last over 30 minutes in bedThere are a bewildering array of techniques one can master to develop premature ejaculation prevention.

A few of the advanced methods could work if you could take enough time to incorporate the ways. Mind you it takes time and dedication.

And these advanced methods won’t work for you. Do you have what it takes? Only time will tell.

A fast way for lasting longer is pharmacological. Maybe you don’t want to hear that but it remains based on evidence.

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Some techniques you can practice to last over 30 minutes in bed

Sometimes I’ll give guys countless different techniques, all proven, for lasting longer in bed, and then they still don’t get the results they want.

Perhaps you feel this way?  Like you’ve gotten and tried out a bunch of different things and you’re still not seeing the results you want?

Or perhaps you feel like you just need to discover that one secret that will finally make the difference for you?

Well, it could be that you’re missing the appropriate techniques for increasing how long you last.

If you haven’t got any of my trainings yet, then that could easily be what’s holding you back.

But today I want to talk about something different.

It’s what everyone who gets exceptional results has in common…

And it could be the one thing that’s holding you back from getting the results from the techniques you already know… Drive.

The people who get results want those results… bad.

They really want to get the breakthrough they’re after.

For example, when it comes to lasting longer in bed, they will do whatever it takes to figure out how to make it happen. And furthermore, they develop a belief that they can make it happen. This is a huge secret to success.

In fact, from my experience you can give the exact same technique to two different people…

One of whom has the kind of burning desire I just described where they’ll do anything to get their outcome… and one of whom kind of wants the result, but doesn’t want it that badly and isn’t really sure if they can get it anyway…

And these people will experience different results with the same technique. Isn’t that interesting? As you can probably guess the guy who wants it badly and trusts he can get it almost always gets the better results than the guy who doesn’t want it as badly.

Now why is that?

How do we intuitively already know that that is the case? Especially when the technique itself is exactly the same? Because with enough drive a person will make results happen.

If something doesn’t work out perfectly first time it doesn’t matter. Since they’ll do whatever it takes to get the result a failure is only feedback. Something not working just means they now know what not to do.

You may have heard of the famous Thomas Edison response when a reporter asked about how he felt at having failed 10,000 times while trying to create the first light bulb…

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

That’s the attitude it takes to get exceptional results. And the same is true when it comes to lasting long in bed. Now fortunately for you… I’ve personally taken out a lot of the guess work to getting results.

I’ve done the whole “Edison thing” and gone through the countless hours of figuring out which techniques work and which ones don’t…

But even so, without an attitude of burning desire and unshakable belief that you’ll get the results, you’re going to handicap your chances of success.

So from now on, when introduced to a new technique also set the intention to remind yourself of the reasons as to why you want to implement the technique in the first place.

When you know why you want something your execution will become significantly better and therefore you’ll get much better results.

Now if you’re ready to take the next step and you’re willing to focus on increasing your drive and trust that you can get what you want…

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Breathing Technique For Lasting Longer In Bed

Lasting longer in bed technique using breathing

premature ejaculation cures guruSo one of the concepts I teach for a lasting longer in bed technique is that your physical and emotional state during sex can have a BIG impact on how long you last.

In other words, if you’re nervous, anxious or even just anticipating a negative outcome before and during sex, then just by having this state of mind you can be INCREASING your chances of orgasm early.

Therefore if you want to seriously increase your stamina and become able to give your lover intense orgasms as a result…

You need to start learning and using strategies for managing your physical and emotional state during sex.

And this is where breathing comes in.

Why breathing is important

Breathing is INTIMATELY linked with your physical and emotional state and can form the basis of a great lasting longer in bed technique.

Now in case you’re tempted to underestimate this or categorize it as “new age psychobabble”, then I’d like you to think about this for a second…

Why do you think when people panic doctors will tell them to take some deep breaths?

Why do you think people are given paper bags to breath into if they’re hyperventilating?

Or why do you think hugely popular exercise methods such as yoga and many martial arts focus so heavily on breathing?

The reason is because our breathing affects our physical and emotional state.

There’s no two ways about it.

Therefore if we want to take control of our physical and emotional state (so we can last longer in bed for example…) then we need learn how to manage our breathing.

Now luckily the biggest challenge when it comes to breathing is just realizing its importance, which you now hopefully do.

The easy part is using it to your benefit to last longer.

And the way you use it is as follows…

Become CONSCIOUS of your breathing before and during sex.

The link between breathing and confidence

For most guys who experience fear, nervousness or anxiety during sex they have very shallow and fast breathing.

And to feel confident and in control during sex you really need to breath in the opposite way.

So if while paying attention to your breathing you begin to notice it becoming very shallow and fast, then all you have to do is slow it down and take deeper breaths.

When you change up your breathing in the way I’ve just described it sends a completely different message
to your nervous system.

Not only will you be replenishing your body with more Oxygen, but you’re also effectively telling your body to become more relaxed.

As you relax more your nervousness will become less intense and therefore as a result you’ll be easing one of the key causes of premature orgasm, which is a fearful physical and emotional state.


Try this from now on and soon you’ll be lasting a lot longer.

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last longer in bed technique


A shortcut way for lasting longer in bed?

priligy onlineThere are many mental tricks you can master to improve long lasting control.

A few of the advanced techniques may work well if one could take the time to incorporate the advanced methods. Mind you this requires practice and discipline.

And these ways doesn’t be good for you personally. Do you have what it takes? Only time will tell.

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One Easy Way To Last Longer In Bed

Try this way to last longer in bed

way to last longer in bedHere’s a simple trick very few guys realize they can use to help them last longer in bed.

“Masturbate for as long as you’d like to last in bed.”

Let me explain what I’m talking about here…

Men who can’t last very long in bed tend to have this in common…

They rush masturbation.

Now often this is a habitual or behavioral thing engrained during adolescence. When living with parents the last thing you want to do is get caught masturbating by them. So guys often rush to minimize the chances of getting caught.

Then, later on in life they continue the habit without even realizing the impact it has on their ability to last long in bed.

Because here’s what you need to know – masturbating is like conditioning for how long you expect to last during sex.

Now of course I’m not saying the sensations of sex and masturbating are the same. But if you want to last longer during sex, you need to start masturbating for longer.

Because if you don’t last long during masturbation, there’s going to be little hope for you to last long during sex.

So, how specifically should you masturbate for longer?

Well, all you need to do is stop when you get close to orgasm.

When you feel like you’re about to climax, just stop and wait for the sensation to subside. Then start up again. This will give any woman a lot of pleasure.

Now this whole “stop and start” approach isn’t something I recommend you do during sex itself. From her perspective it can really disrupt the flow and feeling. It will therefore will make it a lot more difficult for her to orgasm.

However, it is useful to use during masturbation, because the more you do it the more your body will become conditioned to lasting longer in bed.

This isn’t a way to last longer in bed that will work instantly overnight. More immediate ways to last longer in bed are in the course. But it is something I recommend you begin doing on a regular basis.

And very shortly you’ll be lasting a whole lot longer in bed.

Discover some other ways to use masturbation to help you last longer as well as other ways for lasting longer in bed. You will develop the techniques to get hard and stay hard – every time. Check out the video below:

The quick pill cure for PE

pe cures pillsEnjoy quick cure of P.E. using dapoxetine a.k.a Priligy.

Take a pill 1 to 3 hours prior to sexual activity.

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Pleasure is not decreased, just lasts longer.

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Simple Last Longer Technique

A Last Longer Technique

last longer technique

I shared the following last longer technique a few months back. I remember over the days after that getting responses from guys telling me how effective this technique was at helping them last longer in bed and therefore give their lovers more sexual satisfaction…

So I thought I’d share the last longer technique again.

I have to say, though, that it’s a very unassuming technique.

It’s not something grand, difficult or magical, but for some reason it works. And I know that’s what you’re really interested in – Last Longer Techniques that work!

So let’s get to it…

If you want to last longer then try to lick the roof of your mouth during sex.

Specifically what I mean is to lift the tip of your tongue and curl it back to lick to the top of the inside of your mouth.

Try to reach your tongue as far back as you comfortably can to lick as far back along the roof of your mouth as you can.

Try it now to see how it feels.

When you try it you’ll discover that it’s a very ticklish sensation.

And when you perform this during sex it’ll help you last longer for a number of reasons.

The tickling sensation acts as a distraction from what’s going on during sex.

I generally don’t recommend doing things like complex math in your head during sex to try and distract you from all the pleasure so you can last longer. It makes you less present and makes sex less enjoyable. However, I believe that using physical methods of distraction are different and perfectly acceptable techniques.

And this technique works perfectly for it.

It takes your body’s focus away from the genital area

Energy travels throughout your body during sex.  And what tends to cause orgasms is that all the energy builds up around your genital area.

By performing this technique you draw some of that energy up and away from the genital area, therefore reducing one of the causes of orgasm; causing you to last longer.

It completes a Tantric loop

When you touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue you complete an “energy loop”.

And according to Tantric theory, when you complete this particular loop you are able to last longer.

Now Tantra is a very in-depth subject so I’m not going to get into all the details here. But if you pay attention to the energy flows in your body during sex then you’ll understand what I mean by this.

OK, so there are 3 reasons why this technique is so effective for helping you last longer.

Now the next thing to do is for you to try it out.

Until you try it out you won’t believe the effectiveness of this simple little technique so give it a go the next time you have the chance.

Using techniques like this and you are on the road to making a woman sexually satisfied.

Now if you’d like to discover more highly effective techniques for helping you get hard and stay hard, check out the video below. You can ultimately last over 30 minutes in bed and make love like an adult movie star. Watch (or re-watch) this video:

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Why can I not last longer in bed?

Why can I not last longer in bed? Answers and solutions.

why can i not last longer in bed?Ever asked yourself – Why can I not last longer in bed? Read on and you may discover the answer.

I want to tackle the whole concept of “how to last longer in bed” a little differently to how I usually do.

I want to share with you what very few guys realize is actually holding them back from being able to have the stamina they’ve always wanted – to able to give women more intense orgasms and more satisfaction in bed.

What I’m talking about here is what drives you to successfully make a change.

Because let’s face it – If right now you’re not lasting as long as you’d like to
in bed, something has to change.

You can’t keep doing what you’ve always done, while expecting a different result. The world just doesn’t work that way.

Instead if you want to get hard and stay hard for longer you need to start implementing change. You need to start doing different things.

Overcoming negative thoughts

Now people tend to have different associations to the idea of doing different things.

Some people will say “none of that stuff works” (which I always find hilarious for people to say when they haven’t actually tried “that stuff” out and measured the results for themselves).

Some people will say “why should I have to do that stuff” (well you don’t “have to”, but if you want improved results then you do need to start doing at least something different to what you have been doing).

And some people will say “but I’m scared to do that”.

OK, so few people will actually say they’re scared, but truthfully what actually lies behind the reason why most people don’t take action when presented with new possible solutions their problems (like the techniques I teach in E. Guru for lasting longer in bed) is fear.

The reason that most people don’t implement change is not the lack of knowing effective techniques, like I just said – anyone who’s committed can quickly get their hands on proven techniques.

The cause: fear

The real reason is fear of failure.

Fear of trying something new and having it not work out.

The fear of looking stupid as a result of failing.

The fear of feeling that sense of loss after having got your hopes up.

And this fear holds people trapped in their current results.

They want change, but their fear of failing at successfully implementing change outweighs their desire for change.

To put this back into context:

A lot of guys want to last longer in bed, but on some level they fear that if they go ahead and actually implement they’ll fail. Therefore they’d rather stick with doing what they’ve always done.  And then some guys will even go ahead and complain and claim the techniques didn’t work. In truth they never even gave the techniques a real shot at success for them.

OK, so how do you overcome this fear?

2 steps to overcoming fear

1. Eliminate the fear by attacking it head on

Take action in spite of fear and suddenly the fear won’t hold you hostage.

Action eliminates fear, because as soon as you do take action you’ll realize that your fear was largely unjustified and no matter what happens you’ll be better off for having done something.

2. Increase your desire for change so that the desire outweighs the fear holding you back

By focusing on the outcome you want and getting excited about all the reasons why you’ll benefit soon you’ll want to take action even despite the fears holding you back.

You’ve no doubt experienced a time in your life when you acted even while you had fear. This is the same scenario.

What you need to do is manufacture enough desire so the fear no longer holds you trapped.

Do either or both of these things and suddenly you’ll find yourself taking big action towards the change you desire. Such as being able to last longer in bed perhaps. And once you start taking massive action you’ll shortly start seeing impressive and tangible results.

Learn the specific action steps necessary to last longer in bed, then Check out this video if you never want to have to ask yourself “whi can I not last longer in bed” ever again!

Talk soon,


PS – Don’t ever let fear hold you back.  Fear is an illusion.

Figure out what you want and fight fear head on by taking drastic action towards your goals.

And if your goal is to last longer in bed, then check out the video.

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Sex positions to last longer in bed

Last longer in bed with these sex positons

last longer in bed with these sex positionsTheses sex positions to last longer in bed have a measurable impact on your overall stamina.

Now I will qualify this by saying that sex positions alone aren’t the only factor that determine how long you last in bed…

With the right techniques you can last as long as you want in bed in any sex position.

However, it is useful to be aware how different positions influence your stamina. If for example you realize that you’re nearing orgasm earlier than you’d like to be, switching to a position that helps you last longer can be a very useful tool to have in your toolbox of techniques.

(That whole toolbox thing sounded really cliché but I’m going to run with it anyway)

OK, so what are some sex positions to last longer in bed you can use tonight.

Here’s one type of position that works really well:

You standing up.

Any position that involves you standing up will generally help you to last longer in bed.

In this case it doesn’t necessary matter what your lover is doing.

She could be sat on a desk, she could be standing upright with you, she could be facing away, she could be in the doggy position on the bed, it doesn’t really matter.

What’s important is that you’re standing.

And here’s why – When you stand upright your body has more to focus on than just the physical pleasure going on in the genital area.

It has to worry about things like balance, positioning and keeping you standing.

All this takes energy and focus.

It takes having to divert physical energy to your leg muscles to keep you balanced and it takes psychological focus from your brain to keep you from falling over.

Now all this might sound trivial but these factors make a big difference in terms of stamina.

See, when you’re lying down, such as in the missionary position (where the woman lies on her back facing you and you enter her between her legs facing her) your body doesn’t have to do much of anything except experience the pleasure going on in the genital area.

As a result orgasm happens quickly and easily.

But if there are other parts of you requiring energy and focus then suddenly you’ll be able to last longer, becomes your body becomes “distracted” by them.

Proof is in the pudding

Give it a try and you’ll be able to tell the difference.

And like I alluded to earlier, I suggest you use this approach strategically.

If you notice yourself close to orgasm in a different position, then switch to standing up. You’ll quickly be able to recover your stamina.

Now if you want to take it to the next level I recommend you carry your partner.

This will obviously require a certain strength and weight combination for the both of you. If possible this can help you last even longer. Carrying your partner during sex requires even more energy and focus to be transferred from the genital area.

Anyway, give everything I’ve just shared with you a try and let me know how it works out.

Discover more sex positions to help you last longer in bed. Learn the methodology behind them and how to work them to maximum effectiveness. Check out the advanced stamina training video here:

Everything you do during sex influences your stamina, from sex positions to thrusting techniques to breathing to psychology and much more. Everything you need to get hard and stay hard is easily explained and easy to follow

Discover how to use all these variables to help you last over 30 minutes.

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Priligy does not decrease sexual pleasure. It prolongs it. You just last longer – as long as you want.

The result is more pleasure for you and more pleasure for her. Combined with techniques to sexually satisfy women and you will have one happy girlfriend / wife on your hands.

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Ways to last longer in bed with sex positions

Last longer in bed sex positions

last longer in bed sex positionsBelow I describe a technique you can use to last longer in bed and give here the satisfaction she craves.

It is a simple technique and took me quite a while to figure out. It’s also something that most men don’t do naturally.

It has the potential to make a big difference in your sexual stamina.

The technique involves understanding how sex positions influence how long you last. Sex positions you use can have a big effect on how long you last in bed.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to last longer in bed is to pick the right sex positions.ed pe pills

I’m not saying is that you’ll have to give up certain sex positions for good. Choosing your sex positions is just 1 technique out of many for getting full orgasm control. If you really like a particular sex position, you can always use other techniques. Techniques to help you last long while in that position.

Nonetheless it’s definitely not worth ignoring the effects of different sex positions. What I’m about to share with you here can produce results for you right away.

Now let’s discover which sex position you can use to last longer in bed.

A good sex position for helping you last longer is to get her on top. Get in a position where you’re lying
on your back and she is riding you.

Often, when I first mention this position many men say that they actually orgasm quite fast in that position. I can relate because I used to be the same.

But here’s what I now say:

The reason you’ve always orgasmed quickly in that position in the past is because you’ve probably not been doing the 2 crucial actions with that sex position.  It can make it one of the absolute best sex positions for lasting long in bed.

If you start doing these 2 very important key actions while in this sex position, you’ll be amazed at how
much longer you can last. The 2 key actions:

Key Action 1 When your lover is on top

When your lover is on top of you it is essential you don’t give up control of the situation. (As soon as the woman gets on top most men think they just need to lie there.)

This is a big big error!

If you want to last longer you need to take control of the situation while she’s on top.

You need to influence how fast your lover gyrates and thrusts while riding you.  You should control the stimulation you’re getting and therefore control how long you last.

This doesn’t mean making sex boring or stopping her from enjoying herself. It just means taking the control back so you don’t orgasm earlier than you want so she doesn’t miss out on more pleasure.

And, by the way, taking control is really easy to do. All you need to do is hold her hips in your hands. By holding her hips you can communicate to her how fast and in what way you’d like her to thrust.

If she starts going too fast just make it obvious by how you hold her that you want her to slow down.

Most women love to be led during sex so chances are she’ll be more than happy to let you have control if you assume it.

And when you take control it’s dead easy to slow her down to a controllable speed if she gets carried away with how fast she’s thrusting.

Again, this isn’t so you make sex less fun for her. It’s just so you have the power to take control in those crucial moments to help you avoid early orgasm. You can now give her a lot more pleasure by lasting longer.

Whendone right, this works incredibly well.

Especially when used alongside Key Action 2

Key Action 2 When Having Your Lover On Top

This action is possibly more important than the first action. It has an HUGE influence over how long you last in bed. Not doing this is is by far the biggest mistake men make in this position.

Key action 2 includes relaxing your body fully while she is on top.

This position is special because it can help you last so much longer in bed.  It is probably the only sex position where you can fully relax all the muscles in your legs and hips.

In almost any other sex position you have to tense these muscles in some way to stabilize yourself or to create a thrusting motion.

Now, the reason it’s so important to be able to relax these muscles is because for an orgasm to happen there almost always has to be tension present in these muscles.

The nature of an orgasm is a release of tension in the body and in particular from these muscles.

In fact, you may have noticed that just before orgasm your body and muscles, especially the area around your hips and upper legs will tighten. And as soon as you orgasm all these muscles quickly become relaxed.

This is because an orgasm is a release of tension.

So this means for an orgasm to happen there has to be some kind of tension present in these muscles.

Therefore, if you want to delay your orgasm and last longer in bed, all you need to do is reduce that tension.

And like I’ve just explained, this particular position is the best one to do it in. All it takes is consciously relaxing your muscles.

Do this, as well as take control by placing your hands on her hips, and you’ll be very surprised at how
much longer you can last.

So the very next time you have sex make sure you use what I’ve talked about here. And if you want to learn some more simple changes you can make to get control over your orgasms then click the link below:

More Techniques For Lasting Long In Bed

PS – Through this link you’ll find both more advice on sex positions and alternative methods to getting control over your orgasms.

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Take a 1 to 3 hours before engaing in sexual activity. You will still be ale to orgasm – but now you’ll have to work for it!

Sexual pleasure is not decreased – just last longer – as long as you want.

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Why can’t I last longer in bed anymore?

The number 1 mistake made by guys who can’t last longer in bed

This is the number 1 reason why so many men can’t last longer in bed.

But if you were to correct this mistake, you’d be able to quickly gain control over their orgasms and begin enjoying long lasting sex with their lover.

last longer in bed

This is such a huge mistake holding guys back from having stamina control.

The number 1 mistake that most men make in bed is:

Not realizing that they can learn to control how long they last in bed!

Most men seem to think that how long they can last is out of their person control. I’ll often hear reasons like…

“I’ve never been able to last long in bed so I never will”

“My penis isn’t big enough – that’s why I can’t last longer in bed”

“I just don’t have the genes to last longer in bed”

“When my lover does [this or that] during sex that makes me orgasm early so it’s not my fault”

But here’s the truth: You are in complete control of how long you last.

The problem is just that you’ve never realized what it really takes to last long.

Because the real cause of how long you last in bed doesn’t come down to common reasons I hear like size or how you are as a person or what your lover does, etc.

What determines how long you last comes down the specific things you do before and during sex.

That includes everything from sex positions to thrusting styles and from breathing patterns to the thoughts in your head.

And as weird as that might initially sound, if you really think about it, doesn’t it make sense?

For example, have you ever noticed how certain sex positions or thrusting styles cause you to orgasm more quickly than others?

Well this is just a tiny example of how the things you do can influence how long you last.

There are other factors you’ve also probably never realized that have an even bigger affect on how long you last in bed. And when you discover what these factors are and you change them.

That’s when you gain control over how long you last. And that’s why being able to last long in bed is something you can learn. You have to retrain your mind for stamina.

It doesn’t take lucky genes, the right woman, or being a certain size down there. It takes learning the specific things to do before and during sex, that mean you can last a whole lot longer.

So what are these specific things to do before and during
sex to last longer in bed?

Well, like I’ve already alluded to, sex positions, thrusting styles, breathing patterns and your thoughts are some of them. But there are many more subtle distinctions to learn that
have an even bigger influence on how long you last.

And taking control of them is what will allow you to truly take control of your orgasms and last over 30 minutes in bed.

If you’d like to find out what these more subtle distinctions are and how to apply them and other techniques to go from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 30 minutes in bed, then watch the video, link below.

get hardon naturally video

Need a Quick Fix?

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Retraining the Mind to Last Longer in Bed

PE Control = Mind Control

last longer in bedHere’s some answers some of the key and most common questions I’ve been receiving regarding the Get Hard and Stay Hard program that focuses on retraining the mind to last longer in bed.


1 – How Will This Help Me To Last Longer in Bed?

One of the key causes of P.E. or orgasming earlier than you’d like to is performance anxiety.

Researchers have found that experiencing fear before and during sex actually increases the chances you’ll finish early.

The reason for this is that, when nervous or anxious, the brain releases hormones into the body that have been associated to P.E.

Get Hard and Stay Hard helps eliminate performance anxiety and it helps program your mind and body to last longer automatically.

I go into further details on exactly how Get Hard and Stay Hard does this on the site here…

How Get Hard and Stay Hard eliminates anxiety and increases stamina

2 – How Will This Help Me Give Women More Pleasure?

Women need a certain amount of time to reach orgasm.

You may have heard me discuss the study carried out at Brown University that found that on average women need 15 minutes to reach orgasm through foreplay and sex.

Therefore, if you can’t last at least 15 minutes in bed, you’re obviously going to have a problem satisfying a woman.

By increasing your stamina you become able to last long enough to bring a woman to orgasm… and not only that… if you become able to last longer in bed, much longer, you become able to make her orgasm over and over again ;).

Don’t forget that women have the ability to orgasm multiple times during sex.

And when you start making this happen for a woman… The amount of pleasure she experiences during sex goes through the roof.

And at this point, it’s not uncommon for a woman to become addicted to having sex with you.

3 – How Does Somnambulistic Suggestion Work?

Somnambulistic Suggestion is a very special type of hypnosis used within the Stamina System.

What makes it unique is that this type of hypnosis talks directly to your subconscious mind.

See, real change only happens in humans when the subconscious mind changes.

This is why if you’ve ever tried adopting a new habit or stopping an old habit, like procrastinating less or exercising more… and you’ve only used willpower… chances are you weren’t successful at maintaining the change.

This is because willpower only taps into the conscious mind.

Real permanent change requires the subconscious mind to change.

And the type of hypnosis in this training works directly with your subconscious mind.

Plus, as I discuss on the site, this type of hypnosis has been proven to be effective my multiple different medical institutions, including The University Of Washington School of Medicine, The Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology and The University Of Iowa.

For more details on this check out the site here…

How Get Hard and Stay Hard Uses Hypnosis To Make You Last Longer

4 – How Does The Program Work?

For the program to work all you need to do is listen to the audio recordings included once a day, 5 days a week, for 2 weeks.

These audio recordings, recorded by an expert hypnotist with over 500 hours of training and experience, will guide you through the entire hypnotic process and provide you with positive suggestions that will program your subconscious mind to replace anxiety with confidence and reprogram your mind and body to last longer in bed automatically.

5 – What’s Your Guarantee?

My guarantee states the following…

“If within 60 days of investing in Get Hard and Stay Hard you’re not happy for any reason, just send me a message, asking for a refund and you’ll promptly receive 100% of your money back, hassle-free”

stay hard book coverAs you can tell, it’s an unconditional guarantee, because I’m so confident that you’ll last longer in bed and fall in love with this program that I want to make this a risk-free and “no-brainer” decision for

OK, that’s it for the FAQ today.

I’ll talk to you soon,





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