Last Longer Techniques

Last longer techniques explained

last longer techniquesI have spent several years helping guys develop last longer techniques. I get to see a lot of different guys approach the process of making a change.

Guys will come to me wanting to last longer in bed, give women more pleasure, get and stay hard as well as wanting to make many other types of changes.

And in my years of helping these guys last longer in bed I get to see the patterns between those who succeed in making a change and those who fail.

Now success is obviously a complex process. It requires knowing the correct techniques as well as knowing the right “inner game” strategies.

But none the less based on everything I’ve seen. This has to the most important trait that all people who successfully make a change have in common.

The people who successfully make a change are willing to do what they need to do. They are willing to master these last longer techniques.

Last longer in bed – no more excuses

See, many people want change in their life, but they only really want it if it’s convenient.

If it involves doing something new or trying something different, often they don’t bother.

And then to justify not even trying (because they on some level fear failure) they say things like:

“well I’m different so it wouldn’t work for me”.


“that stuff is a scam”.


“I don’t know what to do”.


“I’ve already tried it and it didn’t work” (when really they just gave up too soon or executed ineffectively).


“I don’t have the time”, and so on and so on.

However, the people that actually successfully change to last longer techniques push through all that.

Yes, they’re scared to try new things. They’re even more scared of their future if they don’t keep doing what it takes to change.

And it’s their willingness to do whatever it takes that allows them to push through their fears and act in spite of them.

So, the lesson here is to begin cultivating an attitude of being willing to do whatever it takes.

Start making a conscious effort to think with that type of mindset. Reject a defeatist mindset or a mindset of excuses.

Yes, this will mean trying new things and yes, this will mean potentially failing. Doing this will take you a lot closer to your dream goal (such as having the sex life of your dreams) than living with excuses ever will.

The choice is yours.

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