Simple Last Longer Technique

A Last Longer Technique

last longer technique

I shared the following last longer technique a few months back. I remember over the days after that getting responses from guys telling me how effective this technique was at helping them last longer in bed and therefore give their lovers more sexual satisfaction…

So I thought I’d share the last longer technique again.

I have to say, though, that it’s a very unassuming technique.

It’s not something grand, difficult or magical, but for some reason it works. And I know that’s what you’re really interested in – Last Longer Techniques that work!

So let’s get to it…

If you want to last longer then try to lick the roof of your mouth during sex.

Specifically what I mean is to lift the tip of your tongue and curl it back to lick to the top of the inside of your mouth.

Try to reach your tongue as far back as you comfortably can to lick as far back along the roof of your mouth as you can.

Try it now to see how it feels.

When you try it you’ll discover that it’s a very ticklish sensation.

And when you perform this during sex it’ll help you last longer for a number of reasons.

The tickling sensation acts as a distraction from what’s going on during sex.

I generally don’t recommend doing things like complex math in your head during sex to try and distract you from all the pleasure so you can last longer. It makes you less present and makes sex less enjoyable. However, I believe that using physical methods of distraction are different and perfectly acceptable techniques.

And this technique works perfectly for it.

It takes your body’s focus away from the genital area

Energy travels throughout your body during sex.  And what tends to cause orgasms is that all the energy builds up around your genital area.

By performing this technique you draw some of that energy up and away from the genital area, therefore reducing one of the causes of orgasm; causing you to last longer.

It completes a Tantric loop

When you touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue you complete an “energy loop”.

And according to Tantric theory, when you complete this particular loop you are able to last longer.

Now Tantra is a very in-depth subject so I’m not going to get into all the details here. But if you pay attention to the energy flows in your body during sex then you’ll understand what I mean by this.

OK, so there are 3 reasons why this technique is so effective for helping you last longer.

Now the next thing to do is for you to try it out.

Until you try it out you won’t believe the effectiveness of this simple little technique so give it a go the next time you have the chance.

Using techniques like this and you are on the road to making a woman sexually satisfied.

Now if you’d like to discover more highly effective techniques for helping you get hard and stay hard, check out the video below. You can ultimately last over 30 minutes in bed and make love like an adult movie star. Watch (or re-watch) this video:

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Control your orgasm by doing this

Control Orgasm & Last Longer By Being Her Guru

control orgasmMen who cannot control orgasm tend to have something in common. On some level they fear women.

Maybe they fear rejection from women. Or perhaps they fear what women think of them. Maybe they’re confident around women most of the time. But when it comes to sex they get scared.

If on some level you’re afraid of women or are afraid of the things that might go wrong during sex.

Then it’s highly likely that this fear is contributing to your early ejaculation.

Now if you have this fear I’d like to provide you with an antidote.

But first you must understand that fear itself cannot be eliminated.

Fear is a mindset and a pattern of thought that you’ve probably got in the habit of running.

So instead of trying to eliminate it, they key is to replace your pattern of fear with an empowering mindset.

Instead of spending your time worrying what she’ll think or what will happen if things go wrong. You need to focus on a different pattern.

And there’s one pattern in particular that is very powerful.

If you can begin living this pattern and wholeheartedly focus on it during sex you’ll begin to last longer in bed.


Because how long you last is intimately linked with your mindset and your thoughts during sex I won’t go into the full reasons why this is here, but they are covered in the video below.

Therefore if you can change your thoughts during sex to more empowering ones. You can last a whole lot longer.

Control orgasm mindset

OK, so what is this different pattern / mindset? You’ve got to see yourself as her “guru”.

Instead of being a guy who is unsure, doesn’t know what to do and fears things going wrong.

You’ve got to see yourself as someone who is a master at delivering pleasure.

Someone who’s sole purpose is to make her feel incredible.

But not a person with an ego and not someone who gets their validation from women. Someone who enjoys giving and making her feel amazing. Someone so focused on her pleasure that fear of how he’s coming across doesn’t even cross his radar. Because it’s
not about him, it’s about her.

That’s the mindset of being her “guru”.

Giving here the pleasure she deserves

If you can adopt this mindset it’s almost certain that you’ll last longer (and give her a loads more pleasure) as opposed to the common mindset of “what if things go wrong and what is she thinking of me?”

So how can you actually shift to this mindset?

A lot of guys get caught up in this step and say things like

“but that’s just not me”,

“I’m not a confident person”,

“how specifically do I make the shift?”, etc.

But when you do this you’re thinking about it too much!

There isn’t some magic secret to changing your mindset and you don’t have to be born under the right star to the right parents to the have the ability.

You can do it as soon as you allow yourself to.

As the classic expression goes: “Don’t think, just do”

Become that new mindset by focusing on doing what you need to do to make her feel incredible instead of worrying about how you’re coming across.

It really is as simple as that.

To learn more about empowering mindsets like this as well as specific tricks for lasting longer in bed, watch this video now.

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