Lasting Longer in Bed Positions

Positions for lasting longer in bed

lasting longer in bed positionsTo discover lasting longer in bed positions so you can go the distance with her and keep her satisfied every time, watch this video

This about about lasting longer in bed positions. Positions you can use to help you last longer and give your lover more satisfaction in bed.

This principle of these lasting longer in bed positions is based around the idea of energy flow. Now I know not everyone likes the whole energy metaphor. But when making love there’s a certain build up of energy in one’s genitals.

So I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re happy to play along with the whole “energy metaphor” for now.

Now, with that in mind, if you want to last longer in bed then one way to do it is to transfer that energy flow away from that particular area.

Think about it like this – A build up energy, focus and attention in that area is a key contributor to orgasm. Therefore if you can remove this key contributor or “ingredient” then you’ll be able to last longer.

Makes sense? OK, good.

Positions that help you stay hard in bed

Well this is where this lasting longer in bed positions principle comes in. Try to pick your positions strategically so that they draw energy away from that area. Take, for example, any standing up position or any position where you have to pick up and hold your lover.

When using a position like this it takes energy and focus to maintain your balance and use your strength to hold your lover.
last longer in bed with priligy
Since your energy and focus is required in places other than just concentrating on all the pleasure going on “down there” it dilutes the energy that contributes to orgasm.

And when you start doing this, that’s when you start lasting longer in bed.

Now what I’ve just shared is a principle.

It means you can take it, run with it and use it. Create a bunch of different positions you can use to help yourself last longer in bed.

Now there are also many other principles and positions to help you last longer in bed. There are also some very specific positions that can help you last longer too.

If you’d like to discover these different lasting longer in bed positions, then watch the video.

In this video you’ll discover different lasting longer in bed positions. You can use these last longer sex positions as well as many other techniques to stay hard longer too.

Your lover won’t believe how much you’ve changed after you use this 🙂 .

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