Make a woman come hard

How to make a woman come hard every time

Want to know how make a woman come hard and give a woman such intense pleasure her entire body quivers with ecstasy?

make a woman come hardLet me tell you something about women that every guy knows, but only few men act on – men and women are different.

Meaning that what you appreciate and enjoy in bed is probably very different to what she appreciates and enjoys in bed.

And if you were to do to her what you would love to have done to you she may not actually walk away that satisfied.

I hope you don’t think I’m just stating the obvious here. Really think about this.

In bed most men love intense physical pleasure and the visual aspects of love making

But what about women? Are they the same? Of course they enjoy physical pleasure and they like things to look good. But if you want to really drive a woman wild, what is sex really about to them?

It’s about the experience. It’s about how it makes them feel. It’s the feelings you create in her that can make a woman come hard and intensely.

You could be a technically perfect lover with all the latest in-bed methods for hitting pleasure points – but if you don’t create a powerful love-making environment that makes her feel incredible – she could well walk away dissatisfied.

If you want to be truly unforgettable in bed and make a woman come hard – and to be able to make mistakes, screw things up and still have her beg to sleep with you again, then you need to give her an intense emotional experience.

Now I know some guys will turn off at the idea of this because this isn’t exactly the most exciting thing for a lot of men, but remember who this is about. It’s not about you – it’s about your lover.

If you want to have your lover literally beg for you to sleep with her – you have to master this stuff. These techniques will make a woman come every time.

So how do you do this? How do you give her an incredible emotional experience in bed?

Well it’s actually pretty easy once you begin to focus on that, rather than just the physical side of things.

Think for a second about what adds to an emotional experience

  • Smooth music
  • Soothing scents
  • Nice food (before and perhaps during – think warm melted chocolate)
  • A nice clean room
  • Specially chosen words you say to her
  • Leading with a massage rather than just standard foreplay
  • And so on.

You get the idea. With a little creativity it’s pretty easy to add to her emotional experience.

And here’s what will happen when you start to approach love-making this way – she will become more open to physical pleasure. She’ll feel more relaxed, more trusting and as a result it will be easier for her to feel and experience pleasure from you.

Can you see now how this is a whole different ball-game? Great. Now look, there’s a lot more to this. To discover more make sure you watch the video.

Any guy has the power to be a passionate lover. If you feel like for some reason “you’re just not that kind of guy”, then don’t worry. Here’s what I recommend:

Give this stuff a try anyway and just see what happens. You can always go back to your usual stuff afterwards if you like. But if you want to make a woman come hard you make love to her, and come multiple times, the techniques in the video will show you how.

I have a feeling that once your lover starts asking for you to go again and again. You’ll develop a whole new passion for doing new things and satisfying her.

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