How to Make a Woman Want Sex More Often

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make a woman want sex If you want to make a woman want sex often and become more experimental in bed you can try things.

Things like new sex positions, new places, new toys, new outfits, blow jobs, anal sex, threesomes, or anything else.

There’s one concept you’ve got to understand – emotional association.

Emotional Association

The one thing that determines whether a woman will try something or not is what she associates to the particular thing you’d like her to try.

Say you’d like your lover to try something like a new sex position, but right now she doesn’t want to. The only thing really stopping her from doing it is that one some level she associates pain to it.

Now when I say pain I don’t just mean physical pain, I mean emotional pain.

For example, say the new position you’d like to try is doggy style. In her head she may associate doggy style with a feeling of being made to be insignificant or being disrespected as a woman.

And therefore on some level she feels like it would be a negative or “painful” experience.

Now if you’d like to change this and be able to experience that position with her (or any other thing that right now she doesn’t want to do), then that means you need to change how she perceives it.

Ultimately the physical act itself isn’t important.

There are millions of women who enjoy the many sex positions, anal sex, threesomes and all kinds of things, therefore every woman has the physical potential to enjoy them, what really matters is how a woman perceives them.

So if you want her to try new things, this is what you need to focus on.

Changing her perceptions

OK, so how can you change how a woman perceives something?

Well this all comes down to persuasion and empathy.

I say empathy, because the best way to persuade someone is to understand how they already think. Before you even start trying to persuade her to try something she doesn’t currently like find out why she doesn’t like it.

This exercise in itself could be a dramatic eye-opener.

It could be that she’s just shy to try something new. All she needs is some re-assurance and to know that you’ll be there to guide her through the whole experience.

In which case you don’t even have to persuade her. You just need to be her leader and help her through trying out something new.

Now if you discover a specific reason why she doesn’t want to do it then don’t try and directly disprove her reasoning. This will only make her defensive.

Instead try work on developing positive reasons why she should try it that outweigh the negative. Try to come up with examples that indirectly disprove her reason for not wanting to do it.

Frame it as her benefit

You have to do all this from the position of wanting to do it for her benefit as much as your own.

If she feels like you’re out to get something for yourself you’ll get nowhere near as far compared to if she knows that you deep down believe that it will be a pleasurable experience for her as well.

If you position the new experience as something you can explore together to deepen your relationship and you really mean it, persuading her will be easy.

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Persuading your lover to try new things is a skill.

Most guys assume what their lover is willing to do isn’t up to them. In fact you’ll be amazed at just how much your partner is willing to try – when you know how to persuade her in the right way.

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