Make Her Orgasm with this one technique

How to make her orgasm every night again and again

make her orgasm I was thinking what would really cool technique I could share with you to make her orgasm intensely when you have sex.

And while thinking, suddenly, out of nowhere popped into my head a very powerful technique that I haven’t thought of or used in years.

However, I do remember very well that when I or others have used it it drives women wild.

What I’m talking about here is a very particular sexual thrusting technique. It not just gives them great orgasm but its effects can be long lasting. It is a great technique to use if you want to make women horny and want sex more often.

It’s not something I personally invented. I think it was originally developed from a tantric method. But like I said I came across this technique a while ago so I can’t remember all the background.

What I can tell you is that this technique will make a woman squirm and spasm with pleasure.

OK, so what the heck am I talking about?

I call this technique the 10 by 10 technique and it works as follows…

Look at this whole approach as involving 100 thrusts in total, broken down into 10 sets of 10.

The goal of this technique is to get her to crave and appreciate the deep thrust.

Tease and Anticipation

viagra for womenIf you’ve been following what I teach for a while you’ll know that one of the things that drives a woman wild in bed is anticipation.

Most guys give a woman everything they could anticipate too soon.

They rush through foreplay too quickly, grab her breasts too early and begin thrusting too deep too fast.

Not making her wait for anything takes away the all the excitement for a woman, which is one of the key ingredients to giving a woman an intense orgasm.

The Technique

So this technique has the process of anticipation built in to it.

Here’s how it work.

Soon after beginning sex and before you’ve thrusted into your partner with full depth.

In the first set of 10 thrusts you need to thrust 9 times at a very shallow depth and then finish with 1 deep thrust.

Then in the second set of 10 thrusts you need to thrust 8 times at a very shallow depth and then finish with 2 deep thrusts.

In the third set you thrust 7 times shallow and then 3 times deep.

And so on, increasing the number of deep thrusts by one and decreasing the number of shallow thrusts by one until you complete a total of 10 sets, wherein the final set you
complete 10 deep thrusts.

Do this and you’ll drive your lover crazy in bed. Let’s examine quickly why this happens.

For her, it’s unpredictable

Sure, because you know what’s going on, it may seem obvious. But to her it’s unlikely she’ll be able to spot the pattern and anticipate when the next deep thrust is coming.

Therefore she’ll constantly be anticipating it, but not always getting it, which makes for a very addictive experience.

It makes her value the deep thrust

If you give a woman deep thrusting straight away it’s definitely pleasurable. But if you make her wait and work for it, it increases the satisfaction when it finally happens 10 fold.

This technique does it automatically and therefore drives her wild.

There’s a feeling of build up.

Since the number of deep thrusts you give her increases over time it creates a sense of build up to some kind of climax.

By the point that you’re thrusting deep 10 times in a row so much tension and anticipation will have built up. The climax of full thrusting becomes a gigantic pleasurable release of pressure. The result is a virtually instant orgasm.

Try this technique out and let me know how it goes.

Imagine if you had an arsenal of techniques, just like the one I shared with you, at your disposal during sex.

How much better of a lover do you think that would make you?

Well, I can tell you one thing, it would almost definitely stand you head and shoulders above every other man your lover may have slept with before you.

Add more techniques to your arsenal by watching the video below:

make a woman have powerful orgasms