How To Make Her Want Sex From You

How to make her want sex – from you!

make her want sex So you want to know how to make her want sex? The good news is that it’s very doable – when you know how. With the right techniques you can make her horny have her start thinking about sex with you tonight.

But first off, lets scan the battlefield. The first thing you should know is that there are only two ways the get a woman all wet, wiggly and wild.

First, you can use the direct way way. Use Female Viagra specifically designed to awaken her desire and have her jumping your bones in no time.

Secondly, you can use proven psychosocial techniques to get her thinking about and desiring sex with you.

Or use both techniques combined.

Psychological techniques to make a woman hot for you

As for the psychological techniques, let’s first look at what we do wrong.

Most guys approach the idea of sex with a woman from the wrong end. Most guys think that sex is something they have to earn from a woman. They feel they have to:

  • impress her, or
  • buy her dinner or drinks, or
  • take her out, or
  • be nice to her, or
  • buy her gifts, or
  • agree with everything she says, or
  • compromise what they believe in in order to please her

Well I’m here to tell you that all that is simply wrong!

While I think the intention behind why guys do what I just described is OK, because when guys do this they want to be nice to women, they want women to like them and they want sex from women…

Think for a second about what’s really getting communicated when you (or any guy) act that way.

Whenever you act in the way I just described what you’re really communicating to a woman is that what she has to offer you is more valuable than what you have to offer her.

To take it to an extreme, you’re effectively saying,

“I’m much less valuable (lower social status) than you, but if I do these nice things, then maybe in exchange you’ll let me have some love, respect, attention or sex”.

Even if you don’t actually think that, by acting in the way I’ve just described you communicate that to a woman.

Look, if you want to be successful with women (or even just one woman) then you need to be strategic.

You need to figure out what really satisfies a woman and fulfills her.

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make a woman have powerful orgasmsIf a woman makes demands of you, demands you buy her drinks, demands you compromise your own beliefs to please her or demands you dance to impress her…

Then giving into her demands actually achieves the opposite effect of fulfilling her.

A woman who does this and who you give in to may feel happy in that moment, because she gets to feel a temporary sense of power over you.

But what she’ll actually feel deep down is disappointed and less attracted to you, because you didn’t stand up for yourself as a true man.

What a woman really wants

What she really wants when she tests you is for you to reveal yourself as a centered masculine male.

She wants to feel your power and strength.

She wants to feel it so bad that if you stand up for yourself she may even test you again, to see just how much of a man you really are. (The second test is where most men who first understand stuff like this fail by the way.)

And if you repeatedly pass the tests, only then will she open up and start begging for you.

  • She’ll beg for sex from you.
  • She’ll beg for attention from you.
  • And she’ll beg for love from you.

So obviously this is a power you must use with caution.

But ironically it’ll only become available when you don’t really want or need it.

When you value yourself and realize what you really have to give to a woman, everything will change.

Now it can be pretty intense thinking about all this stuff, so let me provide you with a take-away from all this…

Value yourself and she’ll value you.

Ask yourself, how would a super-confident, in-demand man with integrity respond and treat a woman?

How would he handle her tests?

Would he see sex as something he has to earn, or as something he gets to share with a woman?

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