One Easy Way To Last Longer In Bed

Try this way to last longer in bed

way to last longer in bedHere’s a simple trick very few guys realize they can use to help them last longer in bed.

“Masturbate for as long as you’d like to last in bed.”

Let me explain what I’m talking about here…

Men who can’t last very long in bed tend to have this in common…

They rush masturbation.

Now often this is a habitual or behavioral thing engrained during adolescence. When living with parents the last thing you want to do is get caught masturbating by them. So guys often rush to minimize the chances of getting caught.

Then, later on in life they continue the habit without even realizing the impact it has on their ability to last long in bed.

Because here’s what you need to know – masturbating is like conditioning for how long you expect to last during sex.

Now of course I’m not saying the sensations of sex and masturbating are the same. But if you want to last longer during sex, you need to start masturbating for longer.

Because if you don’t last long during masturbation, there’s going to be little hope for you to last long during sex.

So, how specifically should you masturbate for longer?

Well, all you need to do is stop when you get close to orgasm.

When you feel like you’re about to climax, just stop and wait for the sensation to subside. Then start up again. This will give any woman a lot of pleasure.

Now this whole “stop and start” approach isn’t something I recommend you do during sex itself. From her perspective it can really disrupt the flow and feeling. It will therefore will make it a lot more difficult for her to orgasm.

However, it is useful to use during masturbation, because the more you do it the more your body will become conditioned to lasting longer in bed.

This isn’t a way to last longer in bed that will work instantly overnight. More immediate ways to last longer in bed are in the course. But it is something I recommend you begin doing on a regular basis.

And very shortly you’ll be lasting a whole lot longer in bed.

Discover some other ways to use masturbation to help you last longer as well as other ways for lasting longer in bed. You will develop the techniques to get hard and stay hard – every time. Check out the video below:

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