Psychological cause of ED

Is the cause of ED in your head?

psychological cause of EDFirst you figure out what the psychological cause of ED is, then you fix it.

(Erectile dysfunction is almost always caused by psychological problems – unless you a really old or have some disease.)

Want to know how to get hard 100% naturally?

There are a lot of causes to ED and if you sometimes or regularly struggle to get and stay fully hard then the appropriate solution to that problem will depend on your psychological cause of ED.

With that said – today I’d like to address a major psychological cause of ED in men – Anxiety.

Anxiety is an emotional state of fear, worry and concern. At the heart of it almost always lies fear of something – fear of failing, fear of success or fear of rejection.

If you track anxiety back to its source – that’s almost always the cause.

Anxiety is a huge cause of ED

When you experience anxiety in your body a set of hormones get sent through your body that effectively shut down your ability to get hard.

So if you’re nervous or anxious and you want to make love – it’s going to be 10x more difficult.

What does this all mean?

Well it means that if you want to have more control over your ability to get hard you need to work on managing any anxiety you have.

Now, anxiety is one of those things that can elude us even when we have it.

stay hard longer in bedAs men, we like to shrug off the idea of anxiety and pretend like we can’t experience that kind of thing, but truthfully we all experience anxiety from time to time, because we all have fears.

However, what you can’t afford to let happen is have these fears run out of control. And the way you do that is you tackle them head on.

So what are you afraid of happening in bed? What are you anxious about? What’s your worst nightmare in bed?

If possible, actually write down your answers to these questions, because this will give you a sense of clarity you didn’t have before.

Now, why all do this in the first place?

Remember, we’re trying to eliminate the number one psychological cause of ED – anxiety.

Identify and eliminate

And one highly effective way to do that is to identify the source of the anxiety and tackle it head on.

Look, fears are often irrational. And fears often stick with us when they’re undefined and blurry. We fear the unknown.

If you can make your fear known and tangible the fear will actually reduce. When you make your fear real you see it for it what it is. You’ll often realize “you know what, if this actually happened, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, I would eventually get over it”.

And when you reach that place your fear will disappear and in its place you’ll find confidence.

The reason I’m sharing all this with you is because this is a powerful way to eliminate anxiety.

And if you have fears relating to sex you need to tackle them in order to experience less anxiety. Therefore have more control over your ability to get and stay hard.

Listen, this is only the beginning. You can go a lot deeper into this and make some real substantial changes.

You may be surprised at just what is the main psychological cause of ED and how easy it is to fix.

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