Signs of an Online Affair – What to Look For – How to Get the Facts

The Most Important Warning Signs of Online Affair

Online infidelity, or affairs that are carried out over the internet are increasingly common, and marriage counsellors report a sharp increase in the amount of couples that come to therapy each year as a result of an affair that has been carried out online.

The greatest risk to a couple still involves co-workers, friends or neighbors, but the internet enables people to develop close relationships with others despite the distance or lack of social connection.

When a partner is developing a cyber-affair, there are a number of techniques and strategies you can employ.

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There are a few additional key pointers that are signs of an online affair.

Signs of online affair – Developing secrecy and a need for privacy

If someone is conducting affair online, their privacy, particularly how this applies to their computer usage, is suddenly very important.

The cheater moves their computer to a less visible area of the house. They change their password to prevent you from accessing the computer when they are not around. Your partner reacts defensively when you approach them or disturb them while they are online.

In fact, disturbing them while they are online can tell you a lot about what is happening. Are they open about what they are doing? Do they get angry or defensive if you disturb them? Do they react with surprise and close their browser when you come near the screen?

Their reaction will be able to indicate quite clearly if their computer usage is something you need to be concerned about.

Signs of online affair – Change in home life and sleep patterns

Internet chat room usage increased sharply after dark. If your partner may be motivated to stay up late and be part of the action.

Getting to bed very late or getting out of bed very early in the morning can be a sign. A sign that your partner visiting dating sites and chat rooms to exchange emails with a new love interest.

This change in sleep patterns can have a significant affect on your home life and your relationship with them.

There may be little time for intimacy or communication in your marriage if your partner is spending late nights and early mornings at their computer.

Signs of online affair – Decline in household chores

As a consequence of spending so much time online, the state of cleanliness in the house may start to suffer.

The lawns are not mowed as often, dirty washing piles up, dirty dishes stay unwashed. Maintenance around the home is neglected in favour of a few more precious minutes online.

This decline in the household may signal a change in priorities. The investment in the online relationship may come at a cost to your partner’s contribution to your relationship.

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