How to To Stay Hard in Bed

Stay hard in bed and keep her happy!

stay hard in bed

You need to know these techniques if you are trouble to stay hard in bed and need to know how to get hard fast and stay hard with endurance.

Earlier this week I wrote about how in order to get and stay hard you need to become more confident in bed. Instead of experiencing fear and anxiety and anticipating failure or feeling like you’re being

You need to feel confident, expect great results and appreciate the great pleasure you’re giving your lover.

If you experience the latter emotional state, rather than one of fear or nervousness, being able to get and stay hard is easy.

The challenge of course is that guys get into the habit or pattern of experiencing negative emotions.

Something bad happens during sex, therefore they fear something bad happening again and unfortunately this fear only increases the chances of something negative actually happening again.

And so a vicious cycle is created.

Now the other day I said that the way to break this cycle is to just decide to break it.

Instead of telling yourself a story as to why you can’t change, just commit and change.

As the classic Nike ad goes… “Just Do It”

Now a big part of this involves giving yourself permission to change and be better.

A lot of guys struggle to make change because they feel somehow locked into experiencing what they’ve always experienced. This is total B.S.

There’s no reason why just because you’ve experienced something or been a certain way in the past that you need to keep being that way in the future.

Making the change to a rock-hard lover

Give yourself permission to change and be better.

No person is going to come along and “anoint you” as a confident person who now has the right to be great in bed.

You need to just decide that you do deserve to be great in bed…  You don’t deserve to be fearful and nervous and that you do deserve to be really confident and give women exceptional pleasure.

Take a second to think about all this.

You really do have the power to just give yourself permission to be great.

The only difference between you and any guy you may have envied for being better in bed, having a hotter girlfriend or even things like having more money, being in better physical condition and so on…

All these things come down to the fact that guys like this have given themselves permission to be great.

Sure, they’ve also performed the necessary mechanics to get their results…

But there’s nothing stopping you from giving yourself that permission and implementing the same mechanics and techniques available to you.

You just need to step up and do it.

Confidence is key

This all ties back in to being able to get and stay hard during sex.  It is one of the keys to being able to get hard when you want is to just give yourself the confidence to do so.

Give yourself the confidence in sexual situations. You’ll then be able to get and stay hard. Most of the time it’s just feeling nervous or anxious that kills a guy’s ability to get hard.

Now I go into all this in a lot more detail in a video I’ve created. I also share some other specific techniques you can use to get yourself hard literally on command.

I’ve had the good fortune to help successfully coach a lot of guys through sexual challenges. I can tell you that one of the main things that sets guys who succeed
apart from those who fail to overcome their challenges is that they give themselves permission to change and succeed.

They realize that getting breakthroughs like being able to get and stay hard isn’t something available to only adult movie stars or guys who are naturally gifted. It’s available to any guy who decides it’s possible for him.

And then add a few techniques to that and guys like this become unstoppable.

Find out how you can become one of the guys who learns to get and stay hard below.

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