Trouble Staying Harder Longer? Do this!

The trick to staying harder longer

staying harder longerThis post is what you can do if you have trouble staying harder longer in bed these days.

But first a little background to the problem to show you where I’m coming from.

Whenever you go to make a change in your life or you set out to achieve anything significant you’re going to face setbacks.

It’s inevitable. But unfortunately you rarely see them coming before they happen.

So they often hurt. And they hurt bad.

Part of the reason I’m writing about this is because recently I experienced a huge setback in my personal life.

I’d like to keep some of the details private, but it has to do with finances and different expectations of people involved in a particular project.

Anyway, when it first happened my response was to act helpless. Metaphorically, I withdrew from the situation and tried to find a way out.

I basically acted like a coward. It was my way of handling it.

Now to be clear I didn’t disrespect anyone or, in my opinion, make a fool of myself, but I certainly didn’t stand up for myself.

But what I did do shortly after the event that helped me was I took time to reflect.

I stopped beating myself up and instead tried to figure out why this setback happened.

And pretty quickly I figured it out.

Essentially the root cause of the problem was that everyone involved had different expectations.

Which led me to a reminder of a very powerful concept and “life lesson”, which is the skill and importance of – Setting and managing expectations.

If you’re ever in a relationship of any kind with someone. So whether it’s business, personal, friendship, intimate or whatever – You need to constantly set and manage expectations.

You need to be clear on what others expect from the relationship AND you need to be clear about what you’re expecting from them.

make a woman moanYou don’t always have to say out loud that you’re ‘setting expectations’ with someone. Use clarifying language and figure out as precisely as possible what the other person is saying.

Do this and you’ll help avoid many arguments, disagreements and upsets.

Anyway, talking about setting expectations wasn’t my point here.

After figuring out that the problem related to different expectations I regained my strength and returned to talk again with the people in the relationship.

This time I communicated clearly how I felt, I discussed what mistakes I had made in terms of expectations. I had set and also communicated where I felt I had been let
down as well. The outcome of that new conversation was that everyone involved felt much better. I’m now very happy with everything that’s going on moving forwards.

Now my real point here is as follows…

Respond to setbacks powerfully.

Setbacks are going to happen.

You will have times when you go about trying to change something. Things such as how you have sex, how long you last, getting and staying hard.  Things may not work out for you first time.

But don’t let that setback defeat you.

Setbacks happen for a reason.

If you take time to examine the setback you’ll find a profound lesson. It will often leave you better off than if the setback hadn’t even happened in the first place.

OK, so now I want to point you in the direction of what to do if staying harder longer during sex is difficult.

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Remember, if you have trouble staying harder longer in bed and you think all is lost, think again. Being able to get and stay hard really is a skill you can learn.

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