An “Under-rated” Technique For Lasting Longer In Bed

Try this technique for lasting longer in bed

technique for lasting longer in bedThis simple technique for lasting longer in bed focuses on breathing.

Quite literally how long you last in bed depends on how you breathe during sex.

I know that can sound a bit out there, but not only is it true. It’s implications are huge.

It essentially means you have the power to increase your sexual stamina just by changing how you breathe during sex.

And of course, if you follow the instructions I’m about to outline for you, then that means you can quite literally learn to last longer in bed overnight.

And as a result give women more sexual satisfaction, give women more intense orgasms, have women beg you for sex and be revered as the greatest lover she has ever had.

Pretty cool, right?

OK, so let’s get into the details.

Effect of breathing on orgasm control

The reason your breathing affects your stamina is because the way you breath influences your body’s physiological state.

This is why things like yoga and meditation make such a big deal out of it.

And it’s not just what some people call “soft sports” that make use of it.

Work with any well-trained fitness professional and when performing stretches and often other exercises they’ll get you to focus on your breathing throughout.


Because how you breath is linked to your body’s physiological state.

Breathe “poorly” and you get poor results, breath “effectively” and you get great results.

Alright, so how does this tie in to being able to last long in bed?

Well as you hopefully know by now, one of the things that impacts your overall stamina is your physiological state.

In other words how you “feel” actually impacts how long you last.

The classic example is of the nervous teenager having sex for the first time.

Almost every guy who recounts his “first time” will admit that he didn’t last very long that time.


Because of nerves.

Most guys don’t last long the first time because they are so nervous and excited about it that the release of all the tension when sex finally happens causes virtually instant orgasm.

Now guys aren’t afraid to admit this, because it’s seen as being OK to be nervous the first time around.

The only problem is if you never shrug off the nervousness or you never figure out how to last longer in bed.

People are for some reason less willing to admit when that happens.

Anyway, my main point here is to use the example of the first time guys have sex for demonstrating that your physiological state, for example being nervous, impacts how long you last.

If you’re nervous, you’re not going to last as long.

Therefore if you want to last longer in bed you need to change your physiological state.

How do you do this?

Well this is where breathing comes in.

Breathing has the power to instantly change how you feel.

By filling your lungs with one or more deep breaths of fresh air you revitalize your body with Oxygen, completely transforming your state.

Take several deep breaths and you can go from feeling drowsy, tired, nervous or powerless to feeling energized, confident, strong and ready to go.

Once again, the power of breathing is why arts like yoga, meditation as well as many sports take it so seriously.

What few guys know is that they can also use it to their advantage to last longer in bed.

I recommend you start doing that. From now on if you notice your breathing during sex becoming shallow and weak change it up.

Instead take in slow big deep breaths. Fill your lungs with air.

Do this several times and you’ll immediately feel a change and with it you’ll find yourself able to last a whole lot longer.

Advanced techniques for lasting longer in bed

Now there are a few more tricks and techniques to using to breathing to last longer covered in the video below.

To get more info on it, and to get some free techniques for lasting longer in bed, check it out:


If you want to last longer in bed and are interesting in trying techniques for lasting longer in bed then watch this video.

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