Techniques to Delay Ejaculation – PE Goodbye :)

Control premature ejaculation with your mind

mental techniques to delay ejaculationEven after I give men several mental techniques to delay ejaculation and ways to last long in bed a few guys still ask me – “But does mental techniques to delay ejaculation really work?

So if you’re wondering this, then today I want to give you some inspiration.

I from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to being able to last over 30 minutes consistently. This truly transformed my sex life.

Now hear about the successes some other men are having in terms of learning to last long in bed using mental techniques to delay ejaculation.

So, if you’re having doubts or you’ve tried some stuff that hasn’t worked, then check this out.

This is an e-mail I received from someone that tried the mental techniques to delay ejaculation. Hopefully it will inspire you.

What other men discovered

The first time I had sex after reading the mental techniques to delay ejaculation I lasted over 20 minutes.  As I learn to use multiple techniques I am confident I will hit the 30 minute mark in no time.  The program has changed my sex life overnight.

Another person wrote:

The last two nights in a row, I have given my wife incredible orgasms. She’s told me they were the best she’s ever had during intercourse. I’ve been implementing about 4 of your techniques described in the program. Both times I’ve felt completely in control. I never even got close to climax until I was ready to. I’ve never seen her so happy and enjoying sex!

She always told me all the lines like “Women don’t want sex all the time” or “It’s more special if it only happens every few  weeks.



I was sexually starved. I found myself begging for sex and now I know why, she just wasn’t being satisfied. Now it’s been two nights in a row and she wants more tonight! My marriage is stronger and closer due to the program.



Using the mental techniques to delay ejaculation the improvement is astounding. I started with a 5 minute increase and slowly progressed along and now I can go at it for 45 mins. and aiming for the 1 hour mark.

Learn how to control PE yourself

Hopefully these success stories will inspire you to realize that learning to last long in bed really is possible.

Whether you use the program to help you last longer is up to you.

I hope these success stories motivate you to take action and apply the mental techniques to delay ejaculation.

Learning to last long in bed really is possible. You just need to make a few small but specific changes. Changes to the things you do before and during sex.

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These mental techniques to delay ejaculation are 100% real and authentic.

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