Techniques to Attract a Woman

How to Trigger Attraction in a Woman

Let me tell you a secret about attracting, dating and sleeping with beautiful women.

Pay close attention, because this is something 99% of guys get wrong. In fact, by definition they get it wrong. Here’s what I mean – Most men are not successful with women.

Look around. Look at the “average” guy out there. The “average” guy is afraid to talk to new women, doesn’t think he ever could attract a 10 out of 10 woman and often believes that beautiful women are reserved for somehow “special” men.

Well, if you’re reading this I consider you far above average.

Most men aren’t interested in developing themselves, studying what works and improving – and that’s why most men get average results.pleased-as-pink

Now if you’re not getting incredible results with women yet, then don’t worry, the fact that you’re here, reading this, means you’re on the path to exceptional success.

So let me get back on point – to live a “playboy lifestyle”, where you attract beautiful women, have multiple dates, get to choose the women or woman you spend time with is rare.

To say 1% of guys can do this could even be me being generous, but that’s besides the point.

My main point right now is that if you want to join that 1% you need to start thinking and acting like that 1%.

And that immediately also means you need to stop acting like the 99%.

Stop trying to buy women’s affection, stop trying to show off to them, stop being scared of them and stop trying to impress them.

Instead, start qualifying them, start joking around with them, start being light-hearted with women instead of serious, where appropriate start being more sexual, start appreciating that there are millions of women out there and they need to prove their worth to you.

Look I’m only scratching the surface here.

Men who experience amazing results with women get beautiful women banging down their door wanting to sleep with them… act very differently.

They don’t buy into the dogma out there about women and that every woman wants a man who is nice and will buy them flowers.

Don’t get me wrong, once a woman is attracted to you it’s okay to buy her flowers and do all that stuff, but realize there’s a time and a place for it.

Be aware that to experience extraordinary success with women requires a very unique approach so start being different.

Stop doing what every other guy is doing and start doing the kind of things that triggers attraction.

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Techniques to Attract a Woman

I’m not usually as blunt as I was in that subject line, but it’s time to cut through the B.S.

If you’re single and you want to attract beautiful women and have sex with them, then take pride in it.

Don’t be ashamed about it – as long as it doesn’t go against your religion or beliefs, it’s natural if as a single guy you want to do that.

canadian pharmacy viagra for womenMany biologists even argue that men are actually genetically wired to want to have sex with multiple women, because doing so increases the chances of spreading their genes wider and because men don’t bear children they actually have the ability to more effectively spread their genes.

Now I would guess that in these modern times it isn’t your intention to father hundreds of children from different women, however, it is still okay to have the sexual desire to sleep with many women, in my opinion, assuming you’re not in a committed relationship or your religion doesn’t forbid it.

So with that said, how can you make that happen? Especially if right now you’re struggle to attract even one woman? Well the answer is to study what I call “attraction triggers”.

Listen, women don’t consciously decide when to become attracted to someone.  It’s an unconscious process and it’s something that you either trigger in a woman or you don’t.

You can’t “persuade” her to be attracted by doing things like buying her gifts or showing off.

What really triggers attraction are the more subtle things you do.

It’s the way you communicate with her and how you come across in her mind. Do these things right and you will trigger attraction.

Now, what are these ways to communicate?

Well there are countless ways and my best recommendation if you’re starting out is to begin observing guys who are successful with women.

What makes these guys unique?

And look beyond the things that are totally out of your control like good bone structure or height and look at things like how they behave, how they interact with women, how they dress, how they communicate and so on.

If you don’t know any guys like this then just go to a bar and watch these guys.

Doing only this will give you huge breakthroughs if you pay close attention.

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