Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

tips on how to last longer in bedHere’s some tips for how to last longer in bed and giving your lover more satisfaction – Physically divert attention and energy away from your groin area during sex.

Here’s what I mean by that – One of the factors that causes orgasm to happen is energy builds up around the groin area.

Blood flows there, your focus flows there and you become more sensitive to stimulation down there.

And all this flow of attention and energy builds and builds until eventually climax is achieved through the release of all that energy and tension.

To last longer in bed you need to slow this flow of energy to the groin.

Now I’m not talking metaphysics here – I’m using the whole “energy metaphor” to help explain something very real that happens in the body.

last longer pillsIf you feel the growing and uncontrollable desire to climax as you get more and more stimulated you know what I’m talking about.

It really does feel like energy is flowing like crazy to your groin.

Well here’s where today’s technique comes in – Divert some of that attention and energy away from it using physical techniques.

Do this by forcing your body to pay attention to other parts of your body other than the genitals.

For example, have you noticed how in certain positions, such as when standing up or carrying your partner it’s easier to last longer?

The reason this is the case almost universally is because in these positions your body has to expend energy and attention on things like
balance, use of muscles, strength from lifting and so on.

When your body has to expend this energy elsewhere it diverts it away from the groin, therefore slowing the time it takes to climax.

Here’s another way to do this – Try a sex position that requires you to stretch your muscles in some way.

As a guy, this could mean finding a sex position where you have to separate your legs to the point where you lightly stretch your groin muscles.

You can even do this in the missionary position by placing yourself on your knees and gradually separating them until you feel your groin stretch.

This again has a similar effect to before. It forces your body to pay attention and provide energy and focus elsewhere. And in doing so it delays climax.

Now there are other ways you can do this, but you’ve got enough here to start taking action with.

If, however, you would like to discover more techniques and tips on how to last longer in bed then watch this video:

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PS – I hope you’re starting to appreciate that your sexual stamina is nothing more than the sum of the techniques you use and the things you do during sex. Do certain things and you’ll last long in bed. Do other things and you won’t.

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