Tips for Lasting Longer in Bed

Great Tips for Lasting Longer in Bed

tips for lasting longer in bedWould you like to discover the techniques I personally used to go from lasting only 10 seconds to over 30 minutes in bed?

Then watch this video:

Techniques To Master How Long You Last (VIDEO)

Until you actually experience it for yourself you won’t fully understand just how incredible this is, but nonetheless it’s worth me explaining, because when you can do this – you’ll be blown away by just how much longer you can last and therefore how much more you can satisfy your lover.

OK, here’s a taste of the tips for lasting longer in bed I’m talking about –

Normally when a guy makes love his arousal increases in a linear fashion to the point where he reaches orgasm.

In other words, when he starts making love his stimulation builds and builds until eventually he reaches orgasm – and to many guys this happens a lot faster than they’d like.

But there’s another way the arousal process can unfold.

hard on pillsWhat’s also possible is for the stimulation experienced to rise briefly upon first entry, but then to drop to a stable maintainable level for many minutes until it eventually begins rising again towards orgasm.

Now imagine for a second if you could experience this alternative stimulation pattern. Imagine you could begin making love and then quickly enter a state where you can thrust hard and fast and still avoid the desire to orgasm.

That would be pretty cool, right? Well it’s possible to do it.

And here’s how – The key lies in taking things very slow at the start of entry.

This is the opposite of what most guys do (most guys immediately go full depth and speed – quickly running their stimulation out of control).

Going very slow at the start has the following effect –  it allows your manhood to acclimatize to the feeling of being inside your lover.

See, if you immediately start thrusting fast you overwhelm your body with stimulation.If, however, you take it very slow, your body quickly gets used to the feeling, after which faster thrusting is possible without quick orgasm.

Make sense? I hope it does – because it’s a challenging concept to explain.

But honestly you don’t worry about the “why” – once you experience the results of this technique you won’t care about that – you’ll just be happy with the fact that you’re lasting a whole lot longer.

So once again, here’s what to do –  At the start of love-making, when you first enter your lover, progress very slowly.

Thrust only half an inch in and then pull out, do this several times before increasing depth by another inch and repeat this process over and over again progressing very gradually.

Give it a shot. I guarantee it’ll make a huge difference.

Oh, and for more techniques like this watch this video:

Ways To Extend How Long You Last

It’s about what you do in bed – not your age, genes, physiology or any of that stuff. How long you last is within your control. You just need to know how to take that control.

Discover more tips to last longer in bed here:

How To Gain Control Of How Long You Last (VIDEO)

Want more tips to last longer in bed

Here’s another great tip for lasting longer in bed. Using this tip you can last longer in bed starting tonight!

Your physiology hugely affects how long you last in bed. This is a core principle you need to understand if you want the ability to last long and to give your lover orgasm after orgasm in bed.

Here’s another way of thinking about it – How you feel physically will dramatically impact your stamina.

Think about this from an intuitive standpoint. How do you think you’re going to perform if you feel anxious, up-tight, constricted and nervous?

You’re obviously going to perform poorly and probably orgasm quickly, right?

Well, what if you felt confident, relaxed, powerful and in control?

last longer in bed pillsYou’d probably perform great and last a whole lot longer wouldn’t you?

Well, if that’s the case, why not manufacture that state of physiology?

Instead of waiting for a “good day” – go ahead and intentionally create that physical state when you make love.

Now how do you that? Simple. Just put your body into the physical state of confidence. Take a moment to consider how you carry yourself when you’re feeling confident.

If you’re like most people you probably relax the shoulders, relax your facial muscles, keep yourself up right, breathe deeply and feel a sense of strength throughout your body.

Those are interesting characteristics aren’t they?

Well there’s nothing stopping you from consciously acting them out when you begin to make love.

If you normally get nervous when making love, why not instead just do all the things a confident person would do?

It’s not hard and there’s an amazing upside. When you do this your physiology changes on the inside too.

How you carry yourself on the outside affects how you feel on the inside. And what also happens when you carry yourself with confidence is that you’ll be able to last a whole lot longer.

Now I don’t know whether the logic here makes sense to you or not but let real-life experimentation be your judge. Give this a try and I bet you’ll be blown away by the impact.

Oh, and for more on this and other techniques, watch this:

How To Gain Control Over How Long You Last

Go for it,


P.S.  There are many more tips to last longer in bed and ways you can boost your stamina, including many that you’ve probably never heard of. And these don’t require pills or strange devices or you looking weird to your partner.