Trick to last longer in bed

Trick To Last Longer In Bed

trick to last longer in bedI want to share with you a cool trick to help you last longer and give your lover more satisfaction in bed

Now the way this trick helps you to last longer is it involves you approaching sex in a very counter-intuitive way.

See, this is how most guys approach sex:

When the opportunity finally arises and she “lets him” have sex, they get really excited and instantly go all out and start thrusting at full speed.

And it’s the natural thing to do right?

Every guy wants to thrust fast and get going quickly.

We are genetically wired to act this way, because we are programmed to have a burning desire to have sex and a hunger to act on that desire.

The only problem is that this genetic wiring isn’t built to help us last long in bed.

generic viagra canada onlineOur genetic wiring is designed to make us orgasm as quickly as possible so we can maximize our chances of making the woman we’re sleeping with pregnant.

I know in our current day and age we often have different goals, but I’m talking about our internal and deep down genetic programming, much of which on a base level is still similar to what we had in caveman times.

Anyway, what this all means is that if you want to last longer in bed, you need to approach sex differently.

Instead of letting your instincts rule you, try this out:

Enjoy taking things slowly.

I know this can be a difficult challenge as a man, but it does have its rewards.

Because when you take things slowly it gives your body the opportunity to adapt to the unique and highly pleasurable sensations of a woman’s vagina.

See, when you do the opposite and immediately enter and start thrusting at full speed your body often gets overwhelmed with all the pleasure and as a result early orgasm occurs.

So try fighting that urge to go fast initially.

And you’ll be surprised how much longer you’ll be able to last.

cheap Kamagra canadaPlus, once your body’s got used to the unique sensation of being inside a woman, you’ll then be able to thrust hard and fast much more easily without blowing early.

Now, there’s also another added benefit to this trick.

And that is that most women love this approach to sex too.

From the woman’s perspective, when you take your time and use this approach to sex it creates anticipation inside of her.

It makes her long for you to go to the next step, and the emotions she experiences while anticipating your next step make her sexual pleasure significantly more intense.

Try this out and let me know how it works out for you.

Oh, and if you’d like to discover more techniques for lasting longer in bed, be sure to check out this video…

Techniques To Last Over 30 Minutes In Bed (VIDEO)

The trick to last longer in bed I’ve shared with you is only one
of multiple different techniques you can use to increase
how long you last.

But … what’s holding you back from lasting long In bed, you may as?
When you’re trying to make a change in your life like figuring out how to last long in bed and give women more satisfaction, it can be easy to get trapped in the “how”.

“How do I do it?”

“What techniques do I use?”

“What position are best?”

“Should I be using medication?”

And so on.

And what can happen is that you can get stuck.

delay ejaculation pillsYou can get caught up in a pattern where you spend all of your time searching for new tricks and techniques and you never actually try out everything you’re discovering along the way.

I know this is a trap I sometimes fall into when trying to make a change in my life.

I love information and I love learning so sometimes I’ll convince myself that more learning will solve my problems.

Well, while it is definitely true that you need good resources and the right information to overcome certain problems, there comes a point when it’s time to take action.

And the search for more information can actually become an excuse for not taking action.

Because taking action can be scary can’t it?

Actually implementing a new technique or new approach means entering the unknown.

It means you don’t know what the response is going to be.

It means you may get your hopes up and then fail.

It could cause you to experience some kind of rejection.

And all these negative things that we anticipate is what is known as fear.

And to avoid having to face our fears we come up with reasons (which are actually excuses) as to why we don’t have to take on our fears.

Plus, most of the time this happens subconsciously and without us even realizing it.

We’ll talk ourselves out of doing something we need to do to achieve our goals and won’t even realize that’s what’s happening.

To use some examples when it comes to dieting… things like “I don’t have the right foods for my diet”, “I’ll start next Monday”, “one meal won’t matter”,
“I don’t know what to eat” or “I just need to read up a bit more on the best diet available”.

All these reasons are nothing but excuses to avoid the potential pain (fear) of doing something different and new.

And I’m not pointing any fingers, because I’ve used all of these excuses myself before.

So the question then is, how do you overcome this?

How do you outwit this common pattern of human behaviour known as “rationalizing”?

Well, the key is to have your reasons to take action outweigh your perceived costs or fear of taking action.

When you’re not clear about what you want and you’re not excited about it it’s easy to let your excuses hold you back.

I mean, why face your fears if you don’t have a good reason to?

To face your fears you need drive.

You need a reason to push past the discomfort of trying the new things that will ultimately help you get the results you really want, like say… lasting longer in bed.

If right now you’re not lasting as long as you’d like to in bed then it’s time to get focused on exactly why you want to last longer and use that drive to push past your fears and begin trying new techniques and methods to help you last longer.

Now, if you’ve got the desire but you don’t know which techniques to use to help you last longer, you need to watch my video right now…

In this video I reveal the techniques I personally used to go from lasting only 10 seconds to over 30 minutes in bed and giving women intense multiple orgasms.

Watch it here:

How To Last Over 30 Minutes In Bed

Combine the right techniques with passion and desire for your goal and you’ll be unstoppable in creating the change you want, lasting long in bed and becoming the best lover your woman has ever experienced.

– – –
Or Here’s a Cause and Effect Formula To Last Longer

I’m a big believer in the whole concept of “Cause and Effect”.

And that’s what I mean by my C&E formula…

Using cause and effect intelligently and to your advantage.

Because here’s the thing… It’s my belief that everything you have in your life right now is an effect.

It is the result of previous causes.

Things have happened in the past that caused you to get the effects you have today.

Cause and effect.

So the reason I like to study cause and effect is because I believe certain desirable effects (like lasting longer in bed) have certain predictable causes.

In other words, if you do some very specific things in bed it will repeatedly cause you to last long.

And, interestingly, there are also some very specific things which if you do in bed will repeatedly cause you to not last long.

And if right now you can’t last as long as you’d like to be in bed, my bet is that it’s because you’re simply doing certain things that are making that happen.

You’re not using cause and effect to your advantage.

Now I’m not saying it’s your fault.

Virtually no men are taught “sexual techniques for lasting longer in bed” while growing up.

We have to figure this stuff out on our own.

But in order to do that we must first realize that we do have the power to change our results.

Labelling yourself as a guy who can’t last long in bed, or justifying your results by blaming it on your physiology or what your lover does in bed completely negates your ability to apply cause and effect to your advantage.

Think about it.

tadalfil cialis generic canadaWhy even bother trying to learn new methods for lasting long in bed if you hold the belief that there’s nothing you can do to change anyway?

Let go of these types of limiting beliefs.

And instead realize that almost every result you could possibly want in life (including lasting long in bed) is achievable when you study the specific causes required to make it happen.

Now, when it comes to lasting longer in bed, this is something I studied for a long time.

I had to, out of necessity, because I used to last only 10 seconds and I couldn’t stand what it was costing me, so I went out and after many setbacks, figured out what it takes to last over 30 minutes in bed.

And eventually I formulated what I figured out into a simple approach any guy has the potential to copy and use to last long in bed.

So what I effectively did is I created and mapped out the “cause” element of lasting long in bed.

I developed exactly what you need to start doing to last as long as you want in bed.

And if you’d like to discover what that is, then follow this link below…

What To Do In Bed To Last Longer

All results in life come down to cause and effect.

Do certain specific things and you’ll get certain specific results.

To discover the specific actions required to last long in bed, click below:

My Strategy For Lasting Over 30 Minutes In Bed
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Listen, if you want to give your lover the kind of orgasms that make her entire body shake and practically FORCE her to beg you to do it again, then you’re not going to get there by lasting only a few seconds or minutes.

To give a woman intense orgasms – and the kind of sex that’s physically addictive takes more than just a few pumps.

It takes having stamina.

And if right now you can’t last as long as you want – you’ve got to give this new thrusting technique a shot.

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Have fun with this!


P.S. This is going to blow your mind. Just read this trick to last longer in bed and copy it and you’ll soon be lasting way longer in bed than you ever imagined possible.