Tricks to last longer minutes in bed

Get the best tricks to last longer in bed -starting today 🙂

Would you like to know some great tricks to last longer in bed?

tricks to last longer in bedWhat’s more demoralizing than being in bed with your lover, having finally got her wanting to have sex with you – only to leave her disappointed and wishing you would have done something different?

Some guys may be different, but personally it killed me not to be the kind of lover a woman could be proud of.

So anyway, long story short – I got my act together. I studied relentlessly and I eventually figured out the secret to lasting long in bed.

The secret to lasting longer in bed

“I figured it out”. Notice I didn’t “get a transplant”, I didn’t “use a special numbing cream” and I didn’t “buy some special gadget”. No.

This about the tricks to last longer in bed. Listen, if you’re struggling to last as long as you’d like to in bed then here’s what you need to understand the power is in your control.

You’re not born with a certain stamina cap. You’re not limited by genetics or natural sensitivity. And it’s not what your lover does in bed either. Even age isn’t the determining factor in how long you last.

What it comes down to is what you do in bed. This is what’s key.

last longer in bed with priligyThink about this – Have you ever noticed how in certain positions you can last longer than in others? Well this is a sign that there are variables at play when you make love that can impact how long you last.

Now obviously this isn’t a major variable. There are insignificant changes you can make and there are significant changes you can make.

Don’t get wrong – the positions you choose and tiny adjustments can make a difference, but there are much more powerful techniques you can use to last longer. The point is that you have control.You can change how long you last.

The only restriction is the extent to which you exercise that control. Some guys walk around blaming genetics, sensitivity and bad luck – While others assume responsibility and pro-actively work to figure out what they can do to

They try different techniques to last longer

They study up on different solutions and they keep going. This is the mentality needed to increase how long you last in bed.

OK, so I’ve gone on quite a bit here about this, but it’s important.

Your mindset can make or break your chances at finally gaining the stamina you always wanted. Now, if you’d like to discover what I personally used to go from lasting a few seconds to over 30 minutes in bed then check out the video.

Just think. what if you knew with 100% certainty you could train yourself to last over 30 minutes in bed?

If that were true would you be willing to put in the work and research necessary to make it happen?

Things kind of change when you know something for sure, don’t they?

So give yourself that certainty by committing to never give up.

On top of that I’m laying out my exact blueprint for you in my video exactly what I did to go from lasting seconds to minutes… If you’re serious about wanting to last longer in bed then go watch it now.