Ways to last longer in bed naturally

Try these ways to last longer in bed without drugs

ways to last longer in bed naturallyIn this post I want to show my readers ways to last longer in bed naturally without pills and overcoming premature ejaculation , or PE as it’s often called.

I want to share a technique you can use for lasting longer in bed and giving your lover more pleasure. A lot more pleasure.

I call this last longer technique “strategic muscle relaxation”. And here’s what it’s all about it:

You may have noticed that as you approach orgasm your muscles tighten more and more. Then, as you finally reach climax all these muscles relax as you finally orgasm.

Well here’s the thing:

This demonstrates that muscle tension is actually an “ingredient” for orgasm. In other words, it’s a key contributing factor in helping you orgasm.

Now think about this:

last longer pillsWhat if you were to take away a key ingredient when you were doing something like baking a cake for example. Well you probably wouldn’t be able to make it, right?

Well the same is kind of true for orgasms.

If you take away one of its key ingredients it becomes a lot more difficult to orgasm. And the “ingredient” I’m suggesting you take away is muscle tension.

See, during love-making muscles unconsciously tense up. And as you approach climax they become more and more tense, until finally all that tension releases through orgasm.

Consciously relax your muscles

If you notice your muscle becoming more tense, particularly around your groin area, just take a deep breath and allow them to relax. As you do this, you’ll find you’re able to last a lot longer than if you allow that tension to increase naturally.

Give this a shot the next time you have sex.

And if you’d like to discover more ways to last longer in bed naturally, including advanced techniques, then check out the video.

Many small changes you can make to the way you make love that can dramatically increase how long you last.

This is just one of the ways to last longer in bed naturally. Some ways work better  for some people than others.

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