Ways to last longer in bed – try this counter-intuitive sex method

ways to last longer in bedA lot of people are looking for easy ways to last longer in bed and below I describe a simple but effective method.

So to start let’s just by asking that as men, in what way do we instinctively like to have sex?

Generally, us men, like to thrust hard and fast. It just comes natural to us. And in porn all the guys do it too. So it seems like the only sensible thing to do, right?  Well, … not exactly.

Because what’s the problem with thrusting hard and fast? Thrusting hard and fast causes way too much stimulation.

And again, like you learned in step #1, premature ejaculation cures, to last longer in bed you’ve got to reduce your overall stimulation to a controllable level.

Now, the funny thing is, in our desire to thrust hard and fast, we rarely take in the time to think what the woman really likes.

I mean, in porn women seem to be happy with hard and fast thrusting, but what about real life? Well, the truth is that in real life women generally like to be made love to in a compassionate and loving way.

This means that they don’t need to be rammed super hard to experience an orgasm.

In fact, when you take your time, enjoy foreplay, tease her a lot, build up lots of anticipation and very slowly and teasingly start having sex with her – she will go crazy for you.

You see, you’ve got to realize that women experience sex entirely different to us men.

We men are very much visual and like the look of hard and rough sex, whereas women like to feel things out and be appreciated.

And in many other ways us men experience sex very differently to women.

So when you take your time having sex and when you take things really slow, you’re actually speaking their language. They’ll really get into what you’re doing and if you set things up right she’ll orgasm faster than you ever expected.

Many times you won’t even have to be banging her 100mph to get her to orgasm.

Sure, you can choose to increase the speed of your thrusting later on into sex, but you don’t need to do it when starting.

The bottom line of what I’m trying to get at is that taking things a little slower is okay.

In fact, it’s much more than okay, it’s actually very much appreciated by your woman. And when you take things slow there are two very obvious benefits when it comes to meaning you last longer in bed…

Firstly, if you’re going slower then you’re giving yourself less stimulation, and as you know, with less stimulation you last longer.

Secondly, if you start out slow then you’re giving your penis more time to get used to being in the vagina.

And the reason this is so important is because if you go in and start thrusting very fast then your body instinctively reacts with orgasm.

However, if you go in very slowly then your penis has the chance to “acclimatize” or get used to the feeling of the vagina and therefore the initial powerful stimulating feeling that can trigger very early orgasm goes away.

The more time you spend in the vagina the less stimulated you will be by just being in there.

methods to last longer in bed And once you’ve been thrusting very slowly for a minute or two, suddenly you can thrust faster and it’s not a problem, whereas if you’d starting thrusting fast at the beginning your body would have been overwhelmed with stimulation and not have lasted very long at all.

For more detailed and effective ways to last longer in bed check out the video above by clicking the video picture link.

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