What to do when she orgasms

How to send her into mind-blowing ecstasy when she orgasms

Jason JuliusI received a great question from a client wanting to know what to do once his girlfriend begins to have her orgasm. He asked:

What do I do when she orgasms?


A lot of people say and do speed-up whatever stimulus they are applying, much like a man’s escalation to his orgasm when she orgasms.

But when I slow down my motions, almost as if to tease her during her orgasm, that she experiences a much more prolonged and pleasurable orgasm.

I’ve also noticed holding her, maybe on the last orgasm of the night, brings her to a very emotionally connected state of mind.

Do you have any words of wisdom on or beyond this topic?  Specifically things that amplify or give even more pleasure to her orgasms?

My Answer: What to do during her orgasm

when she orgasmsAt the time a woman is experiencing a full body vaginal orgasm you will actually stop touching her and let her experience the orgasm.

In most cases her vagina will clamp down on your finger. You can leave your fingers inside as she experiences the orgasm. Often times her vaginal wall will swell so much it will actually push you out of her when she orgasms (typical of female ejaculation).

Stimulation during the actual orgasm may even be annoying to her as she will be VERY sensitive.

Let her experience the orgasm for the moment and when her body begins to relax. Resume vaginal stimulation. Often times you will be able to fire off another orgasm shortly after the first one.

Rhythm is the key

In terms of the actual escalation to the orgasm, rhythm is key. Find a steady pressure and rhythm and keep it steady and let her body do the work.

If you suddenly change the speed as she progresses to the orgasm it’s going to throw her off.

Imagine when you’re getting a great BJ and she’s hitting the sweet spot. But right before you’re ready to blow she stops or completely changes what she’s doing and it screws you up.

It’s sort of the same thing only more important when it comes to female orgasms. Keeping a constant rhythm helps women get to the mental place their mind needs to be in.

Gradually slowing down the rhythm as you describe can lead to more anticipation and more build up to the orgasm. Which is great. What I’m talking about above is when you completely break rhythm.

Holding her while she orgasms is very powerful emotionally for her. It’s also very rewarding as a man to hold a woman in your arms. You just gave her one of most pleasurable experiences of her life!

Give her orgasms she will never forget!

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